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Symons Cone Crusher

Symons Cone Crusher

Production capacity: 27–1814 t/h
Feeding size: 35–314mm
Material handling: limestone, granite, cobble, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, construction waste, pebbles, basalt ore, etc

Symons cone crusher is one common equipment used for crushing stone, ore, coal and other brittle materials.

Cone Crusher Video

Symons cone crusher is also a kind of spring cone crusher, which was researched and designed by American Simmons brothers in 1972. Cone crusher was quickly applied and promoted in the crushing industry one being launched.

Symons cone crushers

Symons cone crushers

Advantage of Symons Cone Crusher 

Symons cone crusher has a revolutionary significance in crusher industry, which can effectively reduce loss and increase crushing efficiency in using process. It has good product granularity, convenient maintenance, good stability, etc.

cone crusher handle materials

Cone Crusher Handle Materials

 What's more, Symons cone crusher has higher cost performance in production capacity, grain fineness, evenness, service life of parts, working efficiency and later maintenance costs than ordinary crushers. It is especially suitable for crushing plant with high degree of automation, which can obviously improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost.

Symons Cone Crusher Structure Figure

Symons Cone Crusher Structure Figure

Types of Symons Cone Crusher 

According to different specifications, Symons cone crusher has standard type and short head type. And each specification of Symons cone crusher also has four different crushing cavities, namely, fine type, medium type, coarse type and extra-coarse type. In accordance with specifications and crushing cavities, there are a variety of choices for customers to freely choose, thus satisfying different operation requirements.

Cone Crusher Manufacturer

Development History of Symons cone crusher

After decades of development and improvement, Symons cone crusher is more perfect in structure and more intelligent in function. However, there are not any significant change in the original design and structure of Simmons brothers.

Application of Cone Crusher in Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Cone Crusher

crushing machine manufacturer

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large crushing machine manufacturer, the Symons cone crusher of our company has improved on the basis of traditional cone crushers. The overload production of Hongxing Symons cone crusher are spring type, hydraulic type and compound type, which can make metal and other foreign objects pass the machine smoothly without the damage to equipment.

Cone Crusher Shipment

Technical Data
Type Model Diameter 
of large 
end of 
 Range of 
size of the 
open edge 
 the min. 
PSG 900 0910 914 (3′) 9-22 102 85 45-91 6P   75 9980
0917 13-38 175 150 59-163
0904 3-13 41 35 27-90
0906 3-16 76 65 27-100
PSG 1300 1313 1295 (4¼′) 13-31 137 115 109-181 6P   160 22460
1321 16-38 210 178 132-253
1324 19-51 241 205 172-349
1306 3-16 64 54 36-163
1308 6-16 89 76 82-163
1310 8-25 105 89 109-227
PSG 1600 1620 1676 (5½′) 16-38 209 178 181-327 6P   250 43270
1624 22-51 241 205 258-417
1626 25-64 269 228 299-635
1607 5-13 70 60 90-209
1608 6-19 89 76 136-281
1613 10-25 133 113 190-336



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