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Flotation Cell

Flotation Cell

Processing ability: 0.2–16 m³/min
Impeller rotation speed: 191–400 r/min
Dimensions: 700×700×750–2200×2900×1400 mm
Applied material: non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic mineral.

Introduction to Flotation Machine:

The HXJQ flotation machine is used for the separation of the nonferrous black metal as well as the separation of the non-metallic materials such as the coal fluorite and the talc. The impeller of the flotation machine is driven by the transmission spinning of the engine triangle to form the centrifugal formation and produce the negative pressure.

Flotation Cell

Flotation Cell

On one hand, the inhaled plenty of air is mixed with the pulp; on the other hand, the stirred pulp is mixed with the drug to fine the bubble, to make the mineral bond on the bubble. Adjust the height of the disc to control the liquid surface and the useful bubble will be scraped out.

Working Principle of Flotation Machine:

When the flotation separator is working, the ore pulp is absorbed to the middle of the impellers by the upper of the impellers in the vicinity of the bottom of the tank. At the same time, the low-pressure air sent by the air blower also gets there through the hollow axis and the air distributor. After the complete mixture with the air in the impellers, the ore pulps are pushed to the ramped up direction from the upper of the impellers. With the steady flow of the stators, the mixed materials get into the whole groove. After the bubble gets into the steady area, the bubble flows to the bubble cells from the down flow weir through the process of enrichment. Another part of ore pulp flows to the bottom of the impellers, through the mixture in the impellers forming the mineralized bubbles again. The rest ore pulp flows to the next groove until being the tailings.

Flotation Machine Working Principle 

Major Composing Parts of Flotation Machine:

The main components of the ore flotation equipment are the slurry pile trough, the mixing device, the inflatable device, the discharging mineralization bubble device, the engine, etc. 

Flotation Cell Manufacturer

Flotation Cell Manufacturer

1. The slurry pile is trough: it includes the port feeding in the pulp and the switch device, which is made up of a trough welded and a switch both welded with the steel plate and the steel rod.

2. The mixing device: it is used for mixing pulp and preventing ores in the tub precipitation. It is mainly made up of the pulley, impeller made by the wear-resisting rubber and the vertical axis.

3. The inflatable device: it consists of catheter intake pipes. When the impellers are rotating, the negative pressure produced in the cavity of the impellers absorbs the air through the hollow pump line, which will be dispersed into the pre pulp and form the bubbles. The ore pulp with large amount of bubbles is thrown to the stators due to the rotating force of the impellers to fine the bubbles in the ore pulp and eliminate the rotating flow of the ore pulp in the flotation cell. Then large numbers of bubbles go up vertically to offer necessary conditions for the process of flotation.

4. The eliminating mineralization bubble device: it scrapes the bubbles above the surface of the cell, with the engine driving the reduction machine generally.

Technical Data
Category Specification 
Main shaft     loam board Dimensions
XJK type 
XJK-0.35 0.35 0.18-0.4 1.5 483 25 1.1 700×700×700 0.5
XJK-0.62 0.62 0.3-0.9 3.0 400 25 1.1 900×820×850 1.0
XJK-1.1 1.1 0.6-1.6 5.5 330 25 1.1 1100×1100×1000 1.4
XJK-2.8 2.8 1.5-3.5 11 280 25 1.1 1750×1600×1100 2.5
XJK-5.8 5.8 5-7 22 240 25 1.5 2200×2200×1200 3.6
SF type 
SF-0.37 0.37 0.2-0.4 1.5 386 25 1.1 700×700×750 0.5
SF-0.7 0.7 0.3-0.9 3 400 25 1.1 900×820×950 1.0
SF-1.2 1.2 0.6-1.6 5.5 330 25 1.1 1100×1100×1100 1.9
SF-2.8 2.8 1.5-3.5 11 268 25 1.1 1750×1600×1150 2.6
SF-4 4 2-4 15 220 25 1.5 1850×2050×1200 2.9
SF-8 8 4-8 30 191 25 1.5 2200×2900×1400 4.2
SF-10 10 5-10 30 191 25 1.5 2200×2900×1700 4.5
SF-20 20 5-20 30×2 191 25 1.5 2850×3800×2000 9.9
JJF type
JJF-2 2 1-3 7.5 443 25 1.5 1400×1400×1100 1.7
JJF-4 4 2-4 11 305 25 1.5 1600×2150×1250 2.4
JJF-8 8 4-8 22 233 25 1.5 2200×2900×1400 4.5
JJF-10 10 5-10 22 233 25 1.5 2200×2900×1700 4.9
JJF-16 16 5-16 30 180 25 1.5 2850×3800×1700 8.0
JJF-20 20 5-20 37 180 25 1.5 2850×3800×2000 10.5

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