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Sand Grinder Machine

Sand Grinder Machine

Production capacity: 2–120 t
Feeding size: ≤30 mm
Product granularity: ≤15–≤30 mm
Application range: barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite

Sand Grinder Machine Video:

Introduction of Sand Grinder Machine:

Sand grinder machine is designed by adopting advanced structure at home and abroad and improving the Raymond grinder in the same industry. This machine has higher grinding efficiency and lower energy consumption than that of ball mill. The grinding roll grinds on the grinding ring tightly under the centrifugal force. Thus, the abrasion of the grinding roll and the grinding ring has no influence on the output and the fineness of the product.

Sand Grinder Machine

Sand Grinder Machine

Raymond Grinders

Raymond Grinders for Sale

The long changing cycle of the grinding roll and the grinding ring eliminates the shortcomings of the brittle centrifuge grinding machine. The winnowing airflow of the machine is working circularly from the draught fan to the mill shell, and then to the cyclone separator and back to the draught fan again. Therefore, the dust is less than that produced by the centrifugal grinder, resulting in a clean operating workshop without environmental pollution.

sand grinder machine grinding roll

sand grinder machine grinding roll assembly

Grinding roll Grinding roll assembly

sand grinder machine reducer

sand grinder machine blower

Reducer Blower

Main Structure of Sand Grinder Machine:

The Raymond grinder is mainly made up of the host, analyzer, blower, finished product cyclone separator, micro powder cyclone separator and air pipe. Among them, the host is made up of frame, volute for the wind getting in, relieving knife, grinding roll, grinding ring and cover of shell.

 Sand Grinder Machine Main Structure

Sand Grinder Machine Main Structure

Features of Sand Grinder Machine:

1.The Raymond grinder researched and developed by Hongxing Machinery is widely used in the high and fine powder processing of more than 380 kinds of materials. Such as barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble and limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, glass, thermal insulation materials and other materials whose Moh's hardness is no more than 9.3 level, and whose humidity is under 6%. 

Raymond Grinder Processing Materials

Raymond Grinder Processing Materials

2.The particle sizes of the finished products produced by the R type Raymond grinder can be adjusted ranging from 80 to 325 meshes, with the most being 600 meshes.

Working Principle of Sand Grinder Machine:

When the Raymond grinder is working, the materials are added to the machine from the feeder on the side of the shell of the machine. The grinding roll hanging on the plum flower shelf rotates around the vertical axis during its autorotation. Because of the centrifugal force of rotation, the grinding roll sways to the outside and presses on the grinding ring tightly, which makes the relieving knife shovels the materials to the middle of the grinding roll and the grinding ring. Due to the rolling compaction of the grinding roll, the materials can be crushed.

Winnowing Process of Raymond Grinder:

After grinding of the materials, the host will fan the wind into the cabinet inside the host to blow the powder. The powders are separated by the analyzer above the grinding chamber, with the over thick materials being crushed again in the grinding chamber, and the proper materials getting into the cyclone collector following with the wind. After collected, the materials are discharged from the powder discharge port as finished products.

Raymond Grinder Work Site

Raymond Grinder Work Site

Technical Data
Model 4525 4119
Feeding Size(mm) ≤30 ≤25
Output Size(mm) 0.173-0.044 0.173-0.044
Shift Output of Different Material Fineness(t) 16-176 8-78
Rotation Speed of Central Shaft(r/min) 82 105
Ring Diameter(mm) 1770 1400
Roller Diameter(mm) 450 410
Roller Height(mm) 250 190
Main Motor Y315M-4-132 Y280S-4-75
Fan Motor Y315M-4-132 Y280S-4-75
Analyzer Motor YCT250-4A-18.5 YCT200-4B-7.5

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