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Sand Washer Machine

Sand Washer Machine

Processing capacity: 1-105t/h
Feeding size: 125-250mm
Feed opening: 150×250-300×1300mm
Applied material: barite, marble, talcum, calcite, dolomite, fluorite, kaoline, coal, gypsum.

Sand Washer Machine Video:

Sand Washer Machine Video

Introduction to Sand Washer Machine:

The sand washer machines as a kind of highly efficient sand washing plant is mainly used for the separation of sand and other heavy particles from water mixture and undissolved matter contained in that water and washing of the separated material using clean water. The HXJQ® sand washing machines have the advantages of reasonable structure and high productivity. During the washing process, little sand runs off.

sand washer machine work site

Sand Washer Machine Work Site

As the best choice in the sand washing industry, the transmission part separated from water and sands makes the fault rate much lower than the commonly used mineral sand washer.The sand washing machinery as a kind of wet type sand washing equipment  can wash out the trace amounts of mountain flour and impurities in the mixed sands made by the sand makers to improve the quality of the products.

sand washer machines

Sand Washer Machines

Our HXJQ® sand washing technology has been proven over 40 years and thousands of global installations to help our customers maximise the quality and value of their washed sand products for a variety of applications in the construction, mining and industrial sands sectors. HXJQ has been applied on many projects where crushed rock fines are being washed to create high quality manufactured sands for use in construction applications.

Sand Washer

Sand Washer

Features of Sand Washer Machine

1. Rugged construction
2. Low water consumption
3. Less operating and maintenance costs 
4. The efficiency of separating water from sand is high

5. The efficiency of reducing organic matter content is high

Sand Washer for Sale

Sand Washer for Sale

Working Principle of Sand Washer Machine:

When the sand washer is working, the engine driven by the V belt, reduction gears and the gear reducer rotates slowly, with the gravel impeller getting into the tank. In the impeller, the sands roll and abrade, till the impurities are eliminated. Meanwhile, if added some water, the impurities and foreign matters produced by the machine will get out from the exit with some water.

Maintenance Notes of Sand Washer Machine

1.The vent cap of the reduction machine in the spiral China sand washer should be open before use to keep good ventilation to lighten the internal pressure.

2.If the height of lubricating oil is lower than the normal height, some oil of the same type should be added.

3.During the working process of the China Sand Washers, some maintenance should be made to prolong the life of the machine as well as to make the machine work better.

4.Check the temperature of the bearings and the shell of the bucket sand washer, the noise of the engine and if there is an abnormal phenomenon of vibrating.

5.The daily maintenance of the sand screw washing machine can refer to the instructions. Check the foundation bolt of the reduction gears. The connections should not be loose.

Technical Data
Specification Processing Capacity(t/h) Motor Power
2208 15-40 8p 4kw
2611 20-65 8p 5.5kw
2914 50-100 8p 7.5kw
3020 80-200 8p 11kw
3121 90-260 8p 11KW

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