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Cement Tube Mill

Cement Tube Mill

Specification: φ1.83×7~φ4.6×14m
Processing capacity: 6.5-135t/h
Applied material: coal, cement, stone, sand, clay and ore
Applied area: portland cement making industry.

Cement tube mill and ball tube mill are widely used for grinding cement and other materials in building material industry, metallurgy industry, ore dressing industry, power and chemical industry.

 It has big crushing ratio, high production capacity, strong adaptability for the material and easy change of wearing parts. The main parts of tube grinding mill are: cylinder, feeding part, discharging part, transmission part, etc

The Advantages of Cement Tube Mill:

1. Strong adaptability to the physical properties of materials (such as particle size, moisture content, hardness), large production capacity.
2. Big crushing ratio (generally is more than 300, ultrafine grinding can reach more than 1000), fine particle size, easy adjustment.
3. Tube ball mill can adapt to different circumstances: dry or wet type operation; it can bond the drying and grinding processes together at the same time; open circuit grinding or closed circuit grinding.
4. Good sealing performance, which can be operated in negative pressure, no dust flying on production site.
5. Large-scale production can meet the mass production requirements of modern enterprises.

Cement Tube Mill

Technical Data
Product specification
Milling form Transmission form Gear box Motor power
Production capacity
Total weight
Model Speed reduction ratio
Φ1.83×7 Open flow Brim ZD60 4.5 245 6.5-8 43.8
Φ2.2×7.5 Open flow Brim ZD70 5 380 8-10 64.8
Φ2.2×11 Open flow Brim D110 35.5 630 12-13 104.6
Φ2.2×13 Open flow Brim D110 35.5 630 16-18 114
Φ2.4×13 Open flow Brim D110 35.5 800 20-23 130.6
Φ2.6×13 Open flow Brim MFY100 19.5 1000 28-32 158
Φ3×9 Circle flow Brim D125 41.2 1000 28-36.5 167
Φ3×11 Circle flow Brim D140 42.8 1250 36-47 180
Φ3.2×13 Open flow Brim D140 36.5 1600 45-50 225
Φ3.5×13 Circle flow Brim JDX1000 5.84 2000 60-65 275
Φ3.8×13 Open flow Central shaft MFY250 16.5 2500 60-62 320
Φ4.2×13 Open flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.6 3530 85-87 380
Φ4.6×14 Circle flow Central shaft JSI160-C 14.6 4200 120-135 485

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