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Why Using Jaw Crusher to Replace Impact Crusher in Barite Crushing

2017/11/28 23:11:54

Barite is a chemical mixture rich in barium sulfate with stable nature, its Mohs hardness is 3-3.5, common in the southern low-temperature hydrothermal veins, usually is transparent, white, pale yellow, full of vitreous luster. Due to its characteristics of barium, it is often used in glass, chemical industry, papermaking, drilling and other industries.The most common barite crusher in the market is the jaw crusher and the impact crusher, but actually, jaw crusher is more suitable for the crushing of the barite than the impact crusher. The following is the comprehensive analysis of their similarities and differences.


The common points of jaw crusher and impact crusher 

1.Both of them are applicable to hard material handling, with crushing ratio and high production capacity.

2.They both belong to the traditional crushing equipment, and the technology is mature, so the product particle size is even and the grain type is better.

3.Our company uses high-end durable materials on both of them, adopting durable high manganese steel in vulnerable parts.

4.They are both widely applicable to railway, highway, energy sources, smelting, cement, construction and chemical industries.

jaw crusher

impact crusher

The differences between jaw crusher and impact crusher

1. The feeding grain size and production capacity are different;Impact crusher: The maximum feeding grain size is 800 mm; The maximum production capacity is 800 t/h. Jaw crusher: The maximum feeding grain size is 1500 mm; The maximum production capacity is 2200 t/h.

2.The crushing compressive strength is different.The crushing compressive strength of the impact crusher is no more than 350 MPa; The crushing compressive strength of jaw crusher is no more than 320 MPa.

3. The bearing specification and its service life are different. The bearing motility of the impact crusher is stronger and the inertia of the rotor is greater; The jaw crusher is designed with unique jaw and labyrinth seal to make the bearing life of the eccentric shaft longer.

4.Different working principles;The impact crusher crushes materials by impact energy under the action of the board hammer and the impact plate; The jaw crusher with the help of the angle's change between the movable jaw plate and the bracket makes periodical changes of the distance between the jaw plates to complete crushing works;

Jaw crusher and impact crusher are both with excellent performance in barite crushing, but here we recommend to choose the jaw crusher because the jaw crusher has better environmental protection property with less dust pollution than impact crusher.