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Why the Portable Coal Crusher Is Becoming More Popular

2017/11/30 1:46:20

The value of coal resource

Coal is a kind of quite important solid fuel, which is abundant in the earth. Coal is mainly composed of some chemical elements including carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and so on. The sum of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen accounts for more than 95% of coal organic matter.


Coal is a very significant energy source and is also the important raw material for metallurgy and chemical industry. Coal has irreplaceable roles both in industry and in daily life, it is mainly used for combustion, coking, gasification, low-temperature carbonization, hydro-liquefaction, etc.

Why do users like using the portable coal crusher?

If users want to make the large-size coal ores into practical coal, the first step is to crush them. So coal crusher has been widely used in the processing of coal ore.

portable coal crusher

However, because the coal mining site is generally in mountainous areas or remote areas, the roads are rugged, so users need invest more cost in transportation and site construction. The fixed coal crusher cannot satisfy the user's facilitation needs. Therefore, more and more coal mining and processing enterprises like to put the portable coal crusher into production.

What benefits can portable coal crusher bring to users?

Portable coal crusher is the special equipment specially designed for crushing coal, which is produced by portable coal crusher manufacturers on the basis of portable stone crusher and users' actual production status. It can take more superior production to users.

1. Saving lots of transportation cost

The movement of portable coal crusher is convenient and flexible. It can climb hills and move on mountain roads. So users can directly drive it to the production site, which can help users to save a lot of transportation cost.

2. Saving the extra equipment investment

The configuration of mobile coal crusher is diverse. Portable coal crusher manufacturers can configure the stone crusher machinery, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, and other equipment together. It can form a whole stone or sand production line. Users needn't purchase other servicing facilities.

3. Decreasing the consumption of manpower and material resources

Portable coal crusher has the high stability. It doesn't need the foundation construction before the production, so it can save the complex infrastructure and installation investment for users.

4. Saving the production space

The mobile coal crusher has the lighter weight and smaller volume, which has good adaptability. It is more suitable for working on the small production site and can save the site investment for users.

5. Reducing the fuel consumption

Portable coal crusher can adopt the hydraulic drive system, which can keep the stable production of mobile coal crusher. The hydraulic system is conducive to decrease the power consumption in portable coal crusher production and save fuel consumption.

HXJQ portable coal crusher price

After learning the performance advantages of portable coal crusher, users must want to know the price of portable coal crusher. Hongxing Machinery as a large-scale mining equipment manufacturer has the tremendous scientific research strength. Meanwhile, HXJQ technical personnel have adept production process. Because Hongxing Machinery adopts the sales method ofquick returns and small margins , so HXJQ portable coal crusher price is slightly lower than the market price on the premise of equal quality.

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