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Why is HXJQ Energy-saving Ball Mill So Popular

2017/11/28 22:45:16

Energy-saving ball mill is a new-type ball mill equipment researched and developed by Hongxing Machinery, it has received the majority of users' favor since appearing on the market, because HXJQ energy-saving ball mill is more in line with the user's production requirements designed by combining with the particularity of natural materials. Comparing the energy-saving ball mill with the ordinary ball mill, the energy-saving ball mill can save 18-25% motor power, 70% lubricating oil, 90% cooling water and more than 20% comprehensive energy than the ordinary ball mill, takes great economic benefits to users. And it's applicable scope is wide, can be used for grinding the cement, refractory material, new building material, black and non-ferrous metal ores, then what's the advantage of HXJQ energy-saving ball mill? They are listed as follows:

ball mill

1.The motor power of HXJQ energy-saving ball mill is lower than of ordinary ball mill, so the users can reduce the installed capacity of energy-saving ball mill, in the case that the electricity consumption is equal, energy-saving ball mill has higher productivity and can help users save much electricity expenditure.

2.After optimizing the main shaft lubrication system of the energy-saving ball mill, it can be lubricated by grease, which is more convenient and cleaner, thus avoiding the pollution of heavy metal.

3. HXJQ energy-saving ball mill's hollow shaft adopts the high-quality steel castings, its lining allows the easy replacement without dismantling the whole ball mill cylinder, which is more convenient to be maintained and reduces the equipment downtime.

4.Its rotary big gear is processed with the casting toothed roller, and the ball mill cylinder has wear-resisting lining, which strengthens the abrasion resistance of ball mill equipment, prolongs the service life of ball mill equipment and lowers the maintenance expense of users.

5.HXJQ energy-saving ball mill adopts the rolling bearing, which is not only capable of the large load, but also has more than five percent longer life than sliding bearing, at the same time, avoids the problem that the sliding bearing temperature is too high to cause the shutdown.

Above are some advantages of HXJQ energy-saving ball mill and the reasons why HXJQ energy-saving ball mill is popular with massive users. Only good quality and advanced equipment can fully meet users' production demands, if you have some needs or questions on HXJQ energy-saving ball mill, please contact us directly, or email at

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