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Which One Is Better, Portable Stone Crusher or Fixed?

2017/11/28 22:01:10

Portable stone crusher is the crushing machine with stronger mobility. And the fixed stone crusher is relative to the portable stone crusher, which needs to be fixed and installed on a stable foundation before production. There are many users who are curious about which one has better use between the portable stone crusher and the fixed stone crusher. Today, we will take a comparison and explanation from three aspects of portable stone crusher and fixed stone crusher for this doubt.

Portable Stone Crusher

1. Application Scope

The birth of portable stone crusher not only eliminates the crushing site barrier for users, but also provides customers with high-efficiency and low-cost project operation hardware facilities. Furthermore, because of its vehicle-mounted chassis device, the portable stone crusher can move forward timely along with the material situation and travel through any harsh crushing environment freely in the production process, so as to excellently complete the material crushing task at the production site.

In contrast, the traditional fixed stone crusher can only be used at the place of material accumulation. Once it is installed, the fixed stone crusher cannot be moved easily.

2. Crushing Effect

The portable stone crusher can finish the fine crushing process of material one-time by playing its integrated performance including crushing, sand making, screening and conveying. At the same time, portable stone crushers not only have a large amount of processing capacity but also can process the materials into different uniform particles.

The traditional fixed stone crusher is only the single crushing equipment with limited crushing ability. In order to realize the fine crushing of mineral materials, it has to cooperate with other equipment. And it will need a certain running-in period, if fitting the different types of fixed stone crushers together. The problems encountered in the crushing process of these fixed stone crusher are also unknown.

3. Investment Prospect

The new-type portable stone crusher can not only replace the crushing work of fixed stone crusher but also make up for the defects of fixed crusher such as the piling fixed, inconvenient move and restricted use range. In addition, the portable stone crusher has the more prominent advantage in both the applicable range and proceedings from production than the fixed stone crusher. Therefore, in the prospective crushing market, portable stone crusher will surely be the great direction of The Times.

The above is the comparative analysis of portable stone crusher and fixed stone crusher from the three aspects. Portable stone crusher is better in all aspects. Clients can make a choice according to their individual requirements and actual conditions. For more information on the portable stone crusher, such as the portable stone crusher price, portable stone crusher model and using precautious of the portable stone crusher, please consult HXJQ engineers online freely.