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What Will Cause the Decrease of Sand Washer Machine Life

2017/11/28 20:37:22

Sand washer machine is a kind of equipment used to rinse off the stone powder and soil from sand. As the large equipment, sand washer machine price is not low. Therefore, we all hope that sand washing machines will be used as long as possible and maximize their value. However, in the use process of sand washer machine, if these conditions can't be noticed, the service life of sand washer will not be long.

We all know that using some wrong ways to operate equipment will greatly lower the production efficiency of equipment. But what we don't know is that although some minor bugs don't affect the production, actually they will have a very big impact on the life of the equipment. Let's take a look at what bugs will cause the decrease of sand washer machine life.

Bug one: The screw loose of sand washer machine has not been found in time

It seems that the screw loose is a very small thing, but it can be very harmful. We need to be on our guard when the sand washer machine makes an abnormal sound or vibration during the production process.

The correct way is to stop the sand washer machine operation when all materials have been discharged out. And then immediately check whether the screws are loose immediately. If loose, tighten them in time.

Bug two: Although users can carefully use sand washer machine, they ignore the maintenance of the equipment.

In fact, two-tenths things depend on the use and eight-tenths depend on the maintenance. If users want their sand washing machines with long service life, correct curing can greatly increase the service life of sand washer machine. In order to maintain the good working condition of the sand washer machine, it is required that we regularly do the maintenance of the equipment, especially adding the lubricating oil timely.

For instance, the lubricating oil should be replaced once a month after the lubricant is added to the speed reducer for the first time. The lubricating oil should be filtered before users adding it. In addition, users in the south should select the higher viscosity lubricating oil than the northern users.

Bug three: The sand washer machine is overloaded or the material size is over the required specification.

Under normal circumstances, when the sand washing machines are sold to customers, the sand washer machine supplier will offer the corresponding equipment operation regulation according to the specific model of sand washer machine. The amount and size of material to be processed cannot exceed the certain specification. If too large, materials will clog in the feeding port of the sand washer. In this case, the slight result is that which will delay the production progress of sand washer machine, and the serious consequence is that which will damage the equipment.

Above mentioned bugs are often ignored by users, so that users don't know what the reason is when the sand washer machine has broken down. Hongxing Machinery hopes every user can correctly use and maintain the sand washer machine and get the satisfied return. For more information on HXJQ sand washer machine, please leave your message below. HXJQ engineers are waiting to serve you!