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What Should We Notice When Using the Cement Rotary Kiln?

2017/11/28 22:56:33

Cement rotary kiln is a kind of common mechanical equipment specially used to calcine cement clinker, it actually is a slant rotary cylinder in the appearance with several belting leather placed in some pairs of wheel. In order to make the cement rotary kiln in the production process, can carry out safe production, so the following aspects should be paid attention to in the whole process of cement rotary kiln.

cement rotary kiln

★Check the combustion device of cement rotary kiln

The cement rotary kiln relies on coal gas combustion, and then produces a lot of heat to achieve the calcining purpose, so the heating device of cement rotary kiln is an important part of the whole equipment. Before using the cement rotary kiln, check whether the coal-injection duct is leaking or blocked, if there is any problem, repair it in time.

★Pay attention to the equipment operation constantly

After the cement rotary kiln is in operation, firstly it is necessary to pay attention to the equipment operation, coal gas combustion and raw materials drying conditions of your cement rotary kiln equipment. If the combustion chamber suddenly fires, the coal gas valve should be turned off immediately so as to avoid the gas poisoning; Secondly, when it cannot be judged whether the equipment is running or not, it is not allowed to test with hands and feet, so as not to be damaged by the running machine.

★Do not stop the rotary kiln running at will

When the cement rotary kiln is working, if it needs to stop the kiln running, first to stop the material feeding and then gradually reduce the amount of coal gas delivery according to the temperature of the kiln. After the coal gas is closed, the blower can be turned off. After the sixteen-hour outfire, the kiln can be stopped and the cooling water can be closed. When the conveyor belt of the groove plate with no load, it will stop operation and finally stop the dust collector after 2 minutes.

★Pay attention to the rotary kiln maintenance

Irregular maintenance for cement rotary kiln is necessary, before the maintenance the operator must dress the work clothes, safety helmets, the shoes of enduring high temperature, gloves, masks and other safety equipment, in case of scald or bruise with firebricks or clinker; When checking and repairing the pulverized coal bin, no less than two persons are allowed in order to avoid inhaling a large amount of coal dust in the nostril and fainting or inhaling the excessive carbon monoxide leading to intoxication without rescue; If the coal powder catches fire in the barn, should inform the coal mill operator immediately stop the coal into the barn and it is forbidden to open the inlet, to stop contact with fresh oxygen, after the natural coal powder burning out, to have a clearance in time and after the temperature being normal in the barn, the coal can be put into the barn; If the coal powder is spontaneous combustion outside the barn, it can be used to extinguish the fire with the sulfur alkali extinguisher and cannot use water.

During the cement rotary kiln work, it is always in the state of high temperature, so the operators must pay attention to personal safety, no matter what happens, don't be panic, lest making the further loss. It is also hoped that this kind of event will not happen, so it is important that the cement rotary kiln should be inspected thoroughly before, during and after installation and use.