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What's the Three Major Use Mistakes of Raymond Mill?

2017/11/28 23:00:11

Raymond mill is the core equipment of grinding technology and is widely used in mining, chemical industry, building materials, steel and other fields. In the actual use of Raymond mill, some users are not familiar with its performance and operation, and the production efficiency of their Raymond mill is low and the failure rate increases. In order to help users better use the Raymond mill, Hongxing Machinery reminds you to avoid the following three use mistakes in the process of Raymond mill.

raymond mill

The first use mistake of Raymond mill:

It is wrong for many users to think that the Raymond mill is able to grind all materials. The Raymond grinding mill can grind some of the harder ores and minerals, but it can't be processed for the fibrous materials. Raymond grinding mill crushes the materials with the help of grinding roller's rotation and the crushing pressure among grinding rings, once the material contains fiber and some soft sticky ingredients, they could not be ground, will always be rolled into a pancake instead of powder, can not be blew up from the fan air and go into the blower neither, which will directly affect the yield of Raymond mill.

The second use mistake of Raymond mill:

It is also important to fully understand the water content of your selecting materials, the water content of Raymond mill requires no more than 6%. If the materials once exceeded this standard, even if they have been ground into powder, still not easy to be blown by the wind and cannot enter the analytical machine for separating. In this case, the materials have been grinding in the mill all the time, and the finished powder will not come out, the Raymond mill output will be very low. Only when the dry degree of the material is maintained will the original production of Raymond mill be guaranteed.

The third use mistake of Raymond mill:

The feeding size of Raymond grinding mill between 8-30mm is the best, and some finer materials can also enter the Raymond grinding mill for processing, but some users believe that the finer the feed, the higher the yield, this view is also a big misunderstanding. In the production process of Raymond grinding mill, the granular material will be lifted by the blade and crushed into powder by the grinding roller, which has no relation with the thickness degree of the material. It will not right to say that the material fineness is high and the yield is high.

Hongxing Machinery

Those are the misconception summary of some users in the use of Raymond mills, hoping it will bring some help to you. Hongxing Machinery has been engaged in mining machinery manufacturing for more than 30 years, has extensive experience in the industry, it is a large-scale equipment manufacturer with high technical content and high credibility. The production of HXJQ Raymond mill has the rational layout, perfect performance, reasonable price, convenient installation, etc. If you have more related questions, please leave a message below. We will have a professional technical team to answer for you.