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What Is the Best Powder Mill to Make Bauxite Powder?

2018/3/11 18:27:23

Introduction and use of bauxite

Bauxite is widely distributed and buried very shallow, so it is easy to be exploited. Bauxite clinker, just as the name suggests, is the clinker of processed bauxite, which can be called the high alumina material.Bauxite or bauxite clinker can be used to manufacture all kinds of high-alumina brick, which is the widely-used refractory and anti-corrosion material in the metallurgical industry and other industries, especially used in the electric furnace roof, the blast furnace and the hot blast stove. The performance of high-alumina brick is superior to the ordinary clay refractory brick.

Bauxite Powder

Commonly used bauxite powder mill machine

The powder processing of bauxite and bauxite clinker requires the powder mill machine. Currently, there are many kinds of commonly-used bauxite grinders on the market. According to their working principle, they are divided into three kinds: the high-speed impact-type grinder, low-speed rolling mill, and airflow self-propelled grinding machine.

powder mill

Appropriate powder mill machines for 300-mesh bauxite

According to the market trades situation, generally, the 300-mesh powder has the best sales. And which kinds of powder mill machines or powder grinders can process the bauxite into the powder with 300-mesh fineness?

There are two kinds of powder mill machines that can process the bauxite into the 300-mesh powder in the market. They are Raymond mill and high-pressure suspension roller mill (high strength pulverizer). Of course, the high-pressure micro powder mill can be ok if adjusting it, but it is too expensive. So, it is best to use Raymond mill and high-pressure suspension roller mill to produce the 300-mesh bauxite powder.

After comparing these two powder mill machines, there is not much difference between them. The differences are mainly reflected in the performance, stability, and maintenance of the machine. By contrast, the usage rate of Raymond mill takes up much of the market share.

Why is Raymond mill the most suitable bauxite powder mill machine?

The rotate speed of the Raymond mill central shaft is usually below 150 r/min. The rated speed of small 4119 Raymond mill is at 105 r/min, and the yield of 4119 Raymond mill is 70 tons/h; The rated speed of 4525 Raymond mill is at 82 r/min, and the yield of 4525 Raymond mill is 160 tons/h. The low-speed rotation of Raymond mill determines that it has good stability, low maintenance rate and long service life.

Usually, when a Raymond mill is used to process 300-mesh bauxite powder continuously, the life of its grinding roller and grinding ring is usually 5-10 months. The specific lifetime is depending on their raw material. However, for a high-pressure suspension roller mill, a pair of impact plates usually lasts only 1-3 months. Combined with the above reasons, Raymond mill is the best choice to produce 300-mesh bauxite powder.

Powder mill machines offered by Hongxing Machinery

Due to the extensive use of bauxite, more and more powder production lines are starting to be put into production, and the powder mill machine is necessary. The powder mill equipment produced by Hongxing Machinery has been attracting the attention of the majority of clients. They are all conquered by its superior performance.

We can offer various industrial powder grinding mills including the high strength pulverizer, Raymond mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill, HGM German super-fine powder grinding mill, and three-ring medium-speed micro powder grinder to clients. Look forward to your inspection.