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What Is the Basic Structure of Sand Production Line

2017/11/28 22:01:43

As a special production system for building sand and aggregate, sand production line is composed of a variety of machines. These machines share out the work and cooperate with one another. Users can configure the most suitable equipment for sand production line according to their own needs, so as to maximize the profits and reduce the production cost to the lowest point. By a comparison, the complete sand production line is more energy-efficient than the traditional sand making equipment. Then what is the basic structure of a complete sand production line system?

Sand Production Line

A sand production line is mainly composed of three major systems: feeding system, crushing system, screening and conveying system. Only the perfect coordination of the three systems, the sand production line can make the highest efficiency at the lowest production cost.

Sand production line feeding system

The feeding equipment needs to meet the condition of uniform feeding, which is not satisfied by the artificial feeding operation. There are many kinds of equipment that can be qualified for this work. The most frequently used one is vibrating feeder. If users have special needs, they can give the specific statement to sand production line manufacturers so as to select the most suitable feeding system.

Sand production line crushing system

The crushing system is the heart of the whole sand production line. The crushing system of sand production line is mainly to crush the various raw materials to required finished sand and gravel. It is composed of various kinds of crushing equipment. Some of the crushing devices are major in the coarse crushing of materials, such as PE jaw crusher. Some are professional in the medium and fine crushing of materials, such as the impact crusher, cone crusher and sand crusher.

Sand production line screening and conveying system

Screening and conveying system is the process that the devices classify and transport the crushed sand and gravel. Then the materials after classification are transported to their respective sites. In this system, the most commonly used screening equipment is the circular vibrating screen. The vibrating screen breaks them into different hierarchies according to the size of the crushed pieces. Unqualified materials will be returned to be crushed again, and the qualified materials will be applied to the different application areas according to their granularity. In addition, belt conveyor is often used as the conveying equipment in sand production line.

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