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What Fields Can the 6R4525 Raymond Mill be Used in?

2017/11/28 23:15:26

Description of the parameters of the 4525 Raymond mill

The Raymond mill is a kind of common and popular grinding equipment, the model 6r4525 Raymond mill is the most high-demand grinding equipment. Its basic parameters are as follows:
Feeding size: ≤30mm;
Size of finished product: 0.125mm-0.044mm;
Shift output of different material fineness: 16t-176t;
Rotate speed of central shaft: 82r/min;
Diameter of pulverizing ring: 1770mm;
Diameter of pulverizing roller: 450mm;
Height of pulverizing roller: 250mm;
Main motor: Y135M-4-132;
Fan motor: Y135M-4-132;
Analyzer motor: Y160M-4-18.5;

6R4525 Raymond Mill-2

The application field 6R4525 Raymond mill
The comprehensive utilization value of this equipment is very high, and the processed materials are quite numerous, which are listed as follows:
Marble: In the process of marble processing, 6R4525 Raymond mill has the advantage of fine material, and can reach the highest application level of users. It has been widely praised and favored by the vast number of users.
Limestone: Limestone is a common calcium carbonate. It is quite reasonable to use 6R4525 Raymond mill to process. Its main advantage is that the output can reach the standard, so the users have given considerable recognition.
Basalt: 6r4525 Raymond mill in the process of the basalt won't appear any noise, because of the basalt's property and this equipment exactly matching each other, so it is best to use 6R4525 Raymond mill for basalt processing with environmental protection.

6R4525 Raymond Mill-1

Above is the detailed production about 6R4525 Raymond mill's performance and application materials, our company has high quality, reliable, reasonably priced Raymond mill for sale, if you also need a high-quality and high-performance Raymond mill, hurry to HXJQ for consultation and order.
What are the advantages of such a device? What are its main applications? This passage answers these questions in detail.

HXJQ has adopted the best quality motor as the core component of the 6R4525 Raymond mill, fine motor can not only improve the equipment running status, at the same time also can improve the work efficiency of equipment, so the output of this device is very high.The device won't have any noise basically in the working process, and its sealing is very good, which can effectively avoid the invasion of the dust from outside, and it has low energy consumption so as to reduce the cost input to a certain extent.Its workmanship is very fine, we adopted the latest technology and process to produce the equipment and improve the operation stability of this equipment, so the technology content of 6r4525 Raymond mill is very high, this equipment is better for the user's actual operation.The quality control is quite strict when we are in the process of developing, so it has more guaranteed quality, its service life is longer, the revenue generated for the user will be higher. If you need more details,please don't hesitate to contact us by leaving massage or send an email to .