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What Do You Need to Know About Ore Beneficiation?

2017/11/28 22:56:58

Ore beneficiation is the important processing step for the effective use of ore and mineral, but most people don't know much about the ore beneficiation, so from this passage you will know what you need to know exactly about mineral processing.

The mineral properties in ore beneficiation

1.Density: The weight of the substance in the unit volume is an important basis for the physical beneficiation.

2.Wettability: It means the intimate degree to water molecules of mineral, divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic, which is an important selection criterion in flotation process.

3.Magnetism: The earth is a large magnetic field, and most minerals naturally have magnetic properties, a small amount of mineral magnetism is weak. According to the strength of its magnetism, the minerals can be separated rapidly from each other.

4.Conductivity: It means the conductivity of the ore to the electric current, for example, graphite can conduct electricity and with good conductivity, but the conductivity of pebble is not good, so the pebble can't conduct electricity. The electrical separation can be carried out according to its conductivity.


Product classification Criteria in ore beneficiation

1.Raw ore: The mineral in natural mining has not been processed or can not be used.

2.Concentrate: Through the fine processing of a number of equipment, the processed ore or mineral has been fully met with the product standard and can be utilized.

3.Tailings: The remaining portion of the ore and minerals after processing is completely inconsistent with the using standard or the mineral that is different from the target product.

4. Middlings: The ore or mineral has been processed once, but it is not in accordance with the finished product standard and needs to be processed again.

Preparation before ore beneficiation

1. The person in charge and other relevant personnel must be clear about the purpose and criteria of ore beneficiation, so as to grasp the operational direction of the main ore beneficiation plant.

2. To determine the crushing granularity before the beneficiation plant, the coarse crushed product size is not less than 50 mm, the medium crushed product size is between 6 mm and 25 mm, fine crushed product size is less than 6 mm, grinding product size is less than 1 mm.

3. Distinguish the chemical properties and physical properties of the raw materials clearly to determine the method for mineral processing.

Process flow of ore beneficiation

1. Magnetic separating process (chemical separation)

Raw ore→Feeding machine→Jaw crusher→Vibrating screen→Electric magnetic vibrating feeder→Ball mill→Spiral classifier→High frequency screen→Magnetic separator→Concentrator

2. Flotation separating process (physical beneficiation)

Raw ore→Feeding machine→Jaw crusher→Vibrating screen→Electric magnetic vibrating feeder→Ball mill→Spiral classifier→High frequency screen→Mixing bucket→Flotation separator→Concentrator→Filter(Filter press)→Dryer