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Pollution Analysis and Transform on the Dust Filter of Raymond Mill

2017/11/28 23:11:26

Raymond mill for the production of fine granularity, high production capacity, widely used in all kinds of ore grinding process, but it is not flawless, in the process of production, we are often faced with the problem of dust pollution, caused bad influence to environment and workers' health.

The reason is that the pollution of dust collecting system is the leading factor, and the following is the analysis and response to the red star machine for the pollution of dust collecting system.

To figure out why the pollution of dust collecting system is the leading factor, and the following is the analysis and response to the pollution of dust collecting system.

Raymond mill

Analysis of the pollution causes of Raymond mill's dust collecting system

1.The dust collecting piping system of Raymond mill is formed by the parallel of the main cyclone branch and the small cyclone branch. In parallel pipelines, any change of wind resistance in each branch will affect the wind volume in this branch and also affect the wind resistance of the whole system and influence the air volume of the whole system.

2. Low collecting efficiency of small cyclone collector is the main cause of environmental pollution. Cyclone as a mechanical filter, for fine particles of dust, the quality of the received force is small and then the flow separation effect is poor, so the efficiency of a dust collector for micro dust removal is often very low.

3.The negative pressure in the feeding port is not enough, which causes the airflow escaping with the high concentration dust in the flange joint and damaged parts, that is the main reason for the excessive concentration of dust in the indoor air.

Improving measures

In view of the common problems, for instance, large resistance of small cyclone existing in the pipeline system, the serious air leakage near the feeding port and the low collection efficiency of small cyclone collector, the following measures are proposed:

1.Through the pressure test of the piping system to find out the air leakage point, and close, repair or replace it, ensure that the airflow in the positive pressure zone can not escape.

2.Take down the water tank and introduce the air flow from the small cyclone collector to the high efficient collector. When we select the dust collector, it is important to consider its wear resistance, to have high efficiency of fine dust, and to ensure that the dust concentration from the collector's outlet meets discharge standards.

3.After the dust collector of Raymond mill installed, it needs to pass the test. The operator should adjust the pressure distribution of pipeline system to form a negative pressure zone near the vibrating feeder, avoid the material to escape and cause indoor air pollution, ensuring indoor air meet the national hygiene standards at last.

These schemes have been put into effect by Hongxing machine on a silicon carbide Raymond mill workshop, after improving, the quality of ambient air is up to the national health standards, the workshop no longer has to worry about dust collection system pollution. In addition, we produce various types of Raymond mill with superior quality, especially the dust collecting system is completely reliable.

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