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Merits and Demerits of Hammer Coal Crusher

2017/12/18 1:38:41

There is always a good side and a bad side to everything. So there are also merits and demerits in the mining equipment that we use. Hammer coal crusher is one kind of traditional crushing equipment, which is also frequently-used equipment in mining, metallurgy and other industries. Next, let's learn the advantages and disadvantages of hammer coal crusher together so as to help us with our future production work.

hammer crusher

Merits of hammer coal crusher

1.Molding at a time Hammer crusher can be used for crushing the medium hardness materials of compressive strength less than 200MPa such as limestone and bluestone. The crushed material doesn't need the secondary shaping and crushing process, which can save about 40% equipment purchase cost for users.

2. Excellent productivity The crushing ratio of hammer crusher is generally among 10-25 and can be up to 50. The production capacity of hammer mill machine is as high as 150 t/h.

3. Top-notch finished product The particle size of crushed materials is uniform. There is little powder excessive phenomenon existing in the finished product of hammer crusher. At the same time, finished stone particles can meet the standard for large-scale construction projects construction.

4. Energy saving The power consumption of hammer crusher when processing the unit product is low, which is only about half that of jaw crusher. So it can save a lot of production cost for customers.

5. Complete equipment models There are two types of hammer crusher, they are traditional hammer crusher and PCZ heavy hammer crusher. And there are all kinds of large, medium and small sized models. It can be suitable for t various scales of stone processing plants production.

Demerits of hammer coal crusher

1. Fast wear on the hammer crusher parts The hammerhead and grid sieve of hammer mill machine can be worn quickly, especially when hammer crusher crushes the hard materials.

2. Long maintenance time The rotor and hammerhead of hammer crusher must be in balance to keep normal operation. But it will take a long time to find a balance point, which increases the maintenance time and degree for users.

3. Easy to clog When the over-wet material is in the hammer crusher, it is easy to clog the grate clearance, then the hammer crusher will be easy to stop.

Note: The moisture content of feeding material in hammer mill machine should not exceed 10%.

Improvement of HXJQ hammer crusher

Hongxing Machinery has improved the hammer mill machine structure and raw material texture combining user's feedback and actual production needs.

1. Longer service life of hammer crusher hammerhead

We produce the wear-resistant high chromium alloy hammerhead. And it can be replaced and used both sides. Therefore, the hammerhead service life of HXJQ hammer crusher has been prolonged 3-4 times than before.

2. The equipment will not clog when crushing the wet material.

HXJQ technicians design the hammer crusher with the outlet of lining plate adjustment instead of the traditional grate-type outlet. It can basically put an end to the serious wear of hammer crusher grate and the clogging case happening even if the hammer mill machine handles wet material.

3. Automatically evade large bulk materials and non-breakable materials

The spring device of lining plate adjustment outlet can automatically evade the large bulk materials and non-breakable materials and eliminate them out of hammer crusher body, so as to avoid damage to liner or hammerhead.

Of course, in the case of long-term working, the lining plate and hammerhead of hammer crusher will still be damaged to a certain extent. Here, we remind users that it is best to make a certain storage of hammer crusher quick-wear parts when purchasing the hammer mill machine, so as to avoid delaying users' production process.