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Maintenance Cycle and Method of Raymond Mill

2017/12/20 22:56:56

Raymond mill with the vertical cylinder body,it can save more space and have the lower power consumption than ball mill in the dry-type milling process, so Raymond mill is favored by massive users. For all mechanical equipment, if the maintenance work can be done better, it is equivalent to extending the life of the equipment, of course, it also applies to Raymond mill. So, for a Raymond mill, how long is the maintenance period to be reasonable? What kind of overhaul method can be used to eliminate the trouble? Let's learn together.

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The maintenance cycle of Raymond mill is usually as follows:

1.Whether the socket and plug are loose, whether the foundation bolts are loose, the equipment vibration condition, the motor running situation, the oil pipe temperature and so on, these items need to be checked daily. If there is any abnormality, solve it in time.

2.The wear pattern of Raymond mill cylinder liner plate, the replacement of elastic rubber ring, the running condition of the different size gears, oil pump and lubrication tube, these devices need to have the maintenance, cleaning or replacement each month according to their different situations.

3.The lubricating device of Raymond mill is divided into two kinds: One needs to be added the colloid grease, the other needs to be added the liquid engine oil. Two different lubrication ways need the different maintenance cycle. If the user uses the colloid grease to lubricate the Raymond mill, he should be sure to add the lubricating oil every two months. If using the liquid engine oil, the lubricating oil should be added once in four months.

4.The users need to inspect the condition of feeding port, discharging port and conveying pipeline, and the running condition of feeder machine every four to six months, if having damage, replace them timely so as not to affect the normal work process.

5.For some big parts repair, such as the main bearing of Raymond mill, the overhaul cycle is biennial commonly. If the serious wear is found in the inspection or the main parts can not meet the production requirements, the users need to do the substantial replacement and maintenance work in time.

As a kind of advanced grinding mill equipment, the users should follow the correct operation mode in all maintenance work of Raymond mill. The following points should be noted:

1.First of all, the users should make the precise plan which can be accurate to what time of the day and what the specific aspects should be overhauled, so that it is facilitated for the maintenance personnel to have reference and implementation.

2.If the abnormal sound is found, the material feeding needs to be stopped first, the reason investigation cannot be conducted until all the material powder is discharged out.

3.If the Raymond mill equipment is found out less or no powder produced phenomenon, the first thing users need to do is to check the sealing condition of the device and the rotating circumstances of the relieving tool, if there is any leakage phenomenon, repair the leak part in time, if due to the relieving tool, replace the new relieving tool at once.

4.When the Raymond mill is in grinding operation, if the users find that the oil tank is fever, the first thing to be checked is whether the running direction of fan is correct, furthermore, check whether the engine oil No. and viscosity can meet the requirements of the equipment.

Rigorously grasping the Raymond mill's routine maintenance cycle and maintenance method is important, but if the operation is not correct, even the perfect maintenance cannot withstand the damage speed of equipment, thus the right operating of Raymond mill equipment is of equal importance. If you have any other operating and maintenance problems about Raymond mill, contact Hongxing Machinery online directly, we will provide you with the best solution free of charge.