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Lubrication Knowledge of Cement Production Line Equipment

2017/11/28 22:50:25

Cement production line is one of the important production lines studied by HXJQ, this production line includes many cement equipment, including the rotary kiln, decomposition furnace, preheater, electrostatic precipitator, cooling machine, crusher, cement mill, raw material mill, air-swept coal mill, etc. And the lubrication of the cement equipment is very important, in this paper, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce some lubrication knowledge of cement equipment to you.

cement production line

The lubricant function of cement production line equipment

For cement equipment lubrication, the first thing to do is to have a clear understanding of the lubricant function on cement production line equipment. The lubricant can quickly and reliably reach the friction pair of the cement equipment, and can form the lubricating oil film on the friction surface under different working conditions, effectively reducing the friction loss of the machine parts and deriving the heat generated by friction timely to keep the cement equipment at normal temperature. The lubricant can also bring out the worn metal particles and other mechanical impurities in the friction gap.

The lubricant choice of cement production line equipment

Then, the following requirements must be met in the choice of lubricants. We should pay attention to the quality, physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance and rust resistance of lubricants. In addition, the users also need to combine the equipment performance, operating conditions, economic cost and lubricated requirements to choose the most appropriate lubricants. In general, there are mainly lubricating oil, lithium-based grease and solid lubricants in industry, in order to reduce the economic input of cement plant in lubricant storage, we can minimize the type of lubricating oil. If the cement plant buys the imported equipment, it should use the imported lubricating oil in the key part of this equipment to extend the service life of the equipment. Moreover, adding the additives to lubricants can effectively improve its lubrication effect.

Lubrication method of the cement production line equipment

Besides choosing the right lubricants, we also need the correct lubrication method and to correct our lubrication methods. It is necessary to determine whether the lubrication system is in good condition before starting the cement equipment, and have the real-time monitoring of the abnormal condition and oil consumption condition of mechanical cement equipment. In the daily work of mechanical cement equipment, good repair and maintenance work is required and the replacement of equipment parts and lubricant are completed in time.

Only developing the thorough lubrication management system and doing the lubrication work well on the cement equipment, we can ensure the smooth running and production of the cement production line.

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