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In Winter, How to Do the Maintenance of Sand Washer Machine?

2017/11/28 20:35:34

Since the beginning of winter, the weather has been colder and colder. The day and night temperature difference is becoming more and more obvious, which makes the people who go to work early and come home late add some warm things such as scarves and hats. For the sand washer machine working outdoor, it is very easy to be frozen in winter. Once sand washer machine is frozen, which not only delays the production, but also can cause fatal damage to the equipment.

sand washer machine

Therefore, in winter users must be more careful than usual to do the maintenance of sand washer machine. And what should we do to prevent sand washing machine from freezing in winter? How to do the efficient maintenance of sand washing machines in winter? HXJQ engineers offer the following suggestions.

1.Do a good job of inspection and maintenance on important parts of sand washer machine.

During the winter, because sand washer machine works outdoors for a long time, then all parts of sand washer machine are subjected to the low temperature. They are easy to break down and cause the accidents in production. Thus, it is very important to do the anti-cold measures for sand washer machine. Users need to do a good job of inspection and maintenance on the important parts of sand washer machine to ensure them not be damaged.

2.To buy good-quality wires.

The starting of sand washer machine is based on the electric power. Power transmission needs to be done through wires. In low-temperature conditions, it's very easy to cause damage to wires. Therefore, users should buy good-quality wires, so as not to cause an accident during the sand washer machine production because of the breaking of wires.

3. High-quality lubricating oil and check every day.

Adding the lubricating oil can ensure the normal operation of the bearing and other parts of sand washing machines. Users should select the lubricating oil that can prevent frost as far as possible in winter, and check every day to prevent lubricating oil solidification or blockage in the sand washer machine.

4.Prevent icing.

If encountering the snowy weather or extremely cold weather, users should remove the water and snow in the sand washer machine, so as to prevent the icing on the equipment next day. In addition, if it's windy or snowy, users had better halt production or try not to use the equipment outdoors.

5.Clean the surface of sand washing machines in time.

 In winter, there are more rainy and snowy weathers. So after the work is done every day, users should clean the surface of sand washing machines in time to prevent the washing machine from rusting and the decreasing of service life. If there is the paint off appearing on the equipment, users need to timely spray paint in the sand washer machine.

HXJQ Machinery hopes every user can take good care of their sand washing machines so that they can get what they want. Meanwhile, HXJQ can offer all kinds of cost-effective sand and gravel production line equipment and professional technological guidance to every client. If you have other doubts, welcome to consult us online for free.