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HX07 Sand Making Machine Shipped to Philippines

2017/12/17 17:50:41

Two weeks ago, one Filipino client found our website from Google. After browsing our product page, he communicated with our online engineers. According to what he described, he had possessed a stone production line. But because of the large market demand for quartz sand recently, he decided to invest in a sand making machine for quartz sand production to expand his business scope. After communicating, finally he purchased an HX07 sand maker.

quartz sand

Specific parameters of this sand making machine

Model specification: HX-07

Max. feeding size (mm): 45

Power (kw): 55-75

Capacity (t/h): 25-55

Total weight (kg): 7600

Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm): 2700×1760×2800

Rotation speed of impeller (r/min): 1500-2500

quartz sand maker

How does the quartzite become quartz sand?

Here, we mainly introduce the working process of sand making machine when it handles the quartzite.

Quartzite enters into the sand making machine through the feeding hopper and divided into two parts by the distributor of sand making machine.

One part enters to impeller from the middle of the distributor and is rapidly accelerated in the sand maker impeller. Then it is shot out from three uniformly distributed flow paths of impeller in 60-70 m/s.

At the same time, the other part enters the sand making machine cavity dropped from the distributor around, and impacts on the material lining of the sand maker vortex cavity together with the first-part quartzite.

Then all quartzite is bounced by the material lining and inclined upward to the top of vortex cavity. Next it changes the moving direction and deflects downward. The material shot out from the impeller flow path forms a continuous material curtain.

The material is subjected to twice or more-times impact, friction and crushing in the vortex crushing chamber. Ultimately, the qualified material is discharged from the lower outlet of sand making machine.

Specifications analysis of quartz sand

The specifications of commonly-used quartz sand in the market are: 2-4mesh, 4-6 mesh, 6-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh, 80-120 mesh, 120 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 800 mesh, 1,250 mesh, and 2,500 mesh. According to the quality and application value of quartz sand, it can be divided into three grades: ordinary quartz sand, refined quartz sand, high-purity quartz sand.

Ordinary quartz sand: SiO2≥90~99%,FeO≤0.06~0.02%,refractoriness 1750 ~ 1800 ℃, particle size range 5-220 mesh. Some of the large particles have the yellow points on the surface.

Refined quartz sand: SiO2≥99~99.5%,FeO≤0.02~0.015%, particle size range 5-480 mesh. It is white and crystalline. It is made of high-quality quartzite through complex processing.

High-purity quartz sand: SiO2≥99.5~99.9%,FeO≤0.005%,particle size range 18-4000 mesh. High-purity quartz sand is made of 1-3 level natural crystal stone and superior natural stone with careful process.

Above are detailed introductions about the machining process of quartz sand making machine, and the specifications of different-level quartz sand. Certainly, the processing of quartzite can also be equipped with some coarse crushing equipment (jaw crusher) and grinding mill equipment (Raymond mill) to amplify its production value.

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