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How to Turn the Coal Gangue Into a Treasure

2017/12/17 17:49:59

Strictly speaking, coal gangue is a mineral with very low carbon content. It is a kind of solid waste produced during coal mining and washing process. The color of coal gangue is black and gray. It is a little hard, so when handling it, we should choose the superior processing equipment.

coal gangue

After the coal gangue is crushed by a stone crusher machinery, we can mix it with yellow mud. After aging, they are molded and then dried, finally can be fired into brick products. During this process, it is very important to improve the plasticity of blank, which requires us to use the appropriate coal gangue crushing equipment to produce fine coal gangue particles. Hongxing experts point out that impact crusher is the most appropriate crushing equipment to process coal gangue.

How does impact crusher work?

Impact crusher crushes coal gangue by use of the impact or striking energy. When coal gangue material enters the plate hammer zone of impact crusher, it is hit and impacted by high-speed rotating plate hammer. Then it is constantly thrown to the counterattack device mounted on the top of the rotor. Next, it bounces back from the counterattack liner to the plate hammer zone.

Coal gangue material is repeatedly crushed in the crushing chamber from large to small, until it is smashed to the required granularity. The qualified material is discharged from the lower part of impact crusher machine.

After learning the working principle of impact crusher, we need to know some techniques for ensuring that coal gangue impact crusher works efficiently.

How to operate coal gangue impact crusher properly?

1. Keep even production

In the production of coal gangue impact crusher, we not only need to feed materials at the even speed, but also should control the feeding material weight to be even. Although it can't be really achieved, we shall try to be as close as possible. So, we can achieve the maximum expected yield of coal gangue impact crusher.

2. Reduce startup times

We all know that each time the equipment is turned on, it needs to be empty-running for a while. At this time, the impact crusher can't produce any products. More times we turn on it, the smaller the hourly production ratio. So we need to avoid the multiple startups of impact crusher.

3. Periodical inspection

After the new stone crusher machinery is put into operation, a thorough inspection of the machine must be carried out at the end of each production. The motor and lubrication condition of the impact crusher machine should be inspected every week. After about two weeks, we only need to check them once a month. The inspection contents shall include the fastening condition of fixed parts, belt transmission condition, bearing seals and electrical switch conditions.

In addition, the main parts of impact crusher machine should be inspected every week, such as the wear condition of plate hammer, counterattack liner, and lining board. And we should establish a regular maintenance and replacement system.

Recovery and utilization of coal gangue

Since the implementation of the coal gangue resource utilization project, the coal gangue has been recycled nearly one million tons every year, the coal gangue asphalt mixture has been more than 1.2 million tons, and the saving natural sandstone resources have been up to 600,000 tons. This not only realizes the coal gangue waste utilization and improves the economic benefit, but also reduces the waste of resources.