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How to Solve the Low Productivity of Ore Processing Line?

2017/11/28 22:47:22

Hardware equipment in ore beneficiation production line mainly includes crusher, ball mill, magnetic separator, flotation machine, classifier, stirring tank, etc., but in the process of practical application, many users reflect that its work efficiency is not high, this passage analyzes such problems in detail based on actual situation, let's study together.

ore beneficiation plant

Ore Processing Line Problem analysis

1.Unstable crusher operation

There are many kinds of crushers, commonly is jaw crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher. The preferred crushing equipment of ore dressing plant is jaw crusher, if jaw crusher doesn't have the stable running state, it will take the adverse impact to subsequent operation processing, what's worse, which may lead to the halt production of ore dressing plants and cause an imponderable economic loss to them.

2.Unreasonable operation of ball mill

Ball mill is the key equipment in the process of ore dressing operation, its main task is to complete the grinding process for various metal ores. Special emphasis should be placed on the rational operation of the ball mill equipment, it is the prerequisite for improving the accuracy of ore grinding, so the users should focus on the professional training of operators to ensure that ball mill equipment can be carried out in accordance with the production regulations.

3.Problem of magnetic separator and flotation machine

If the metallic ore contains the iron element, the magnetic separator can be used in ore dressing process, or the flotation machine shall be used. In the use of flotation machines, the rational choice of agentia should be made according to the types of materials, then the flotation accuracy will be higher. There also exist many problems in the application process of these two machines, users need to attach great importance to it.

ore separating line

Ore Processing Line Solution introduction

In order to solve the low productivity problem of the ore processing production line, we will through above questions to illustrate the solutions.

1.You should select the models of crusher according to your practical requirements, and you can also choose a crusher with a secondary crushing process to improve the working efficiency of the production line and optimize the discharging granularity. Under normal circumstances, you can use jaw crusher as the primary crushing equipment, adopt the hammer crusher and impact crusher as the secondary crushing equipment.

2.Wanting to improve the working ability of the ore processing production line, you should choose the high-efficient ball mill to do the grinding operation, so as to get twice the result with half the effort and solve the low-capacity problem effectively.

3.For the series of problems on the magnetic separator and flotation machine, the ore dressing production line equipment should be configured by the professional instructor, only in this way, the maintenance and repair will be more convenient, thereby reducing the use difficulty of users.

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