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How to Solve Eccentric Shaft Wear of Ball Mill

2017/11/28 22:46:18

Energy-saving ball mill is a new type ball mill equipment, more time-saving and high- efficient than traditional ball mill, so the energy-saving ball mill equipment gets more users' favors, more and more users are to make the investment in it. 

We all know that ball mill equipment is made up of many accessories, and its eccentric shaft plays a significant role. But in ball mill work, because of the improper use or maintenance, it will cause the wear and tear of eccentric shaft. Once the eccentric shaft of ball mill is worn off, it will lose the original efficacy, so when we find that the eccentric shaft of ball mill is worn to a certain extent, we should carry on the repair in time. In this paper, the energy-saving ball mill manufacturer---Hongxing Machinery introduces the solutions of how to repair the eccentric shaft abrasion of energy-saving ball mill. The details are as following:

ball mill

1.The standard for judging whether the eccentric shaft of energy-saving ball mill is required to be repaired is to check the ovality of the wear part and see if it exceeds 0.002 of the shaft diameter. If more than that, the eccentric shaft should be processed in the lathe, this method is suitable for the eccentric shaft bushing of Babbitt alloy, because after the thinning of shaft diameter, the eccentric shaft bushing of Babbitt alloy can be manufactured by itself, properly decreasing the eccentric shaft bushing size of the ball mill can make its re-fitted dimension more qualified.

2.This is the repair method of cone-shaped vertical shaft bushing and eccentric shaft bushing for energy-saving ball mill. Due to the inappropriate use, maintenance or overhauling, sometimes the coordination part between the eccentric shaft and bevel gear wheel of ball mill can be slightly loosened, we should repair it immediately, otherwise, it will cause a serious accident. The repair can be carried out in two parts: shaft and aperture. When the eccentric shaft of ball mill is made of steel, after the welding, we can restore the original drawings with the required size through the lathe machining; When the eccentric shaft is made of cast iron, after the lathe work,making its matching size less than the original drawings requirement.

Only mastering the repairing method for wearing parts of ball mill, can we timely and effectively repair the vulnerable parts, in case of the bigger loss. It also effectively reduces the business expenses and production cost, extends the service life of ball mill. This paper introduces the repair method of the eccentric shaft of ball mill vulnerable parts, more questions on the repair method of ball mill other vulnerable parts, please consult Hongxing Machinery on +86-371-67833161, email HXJQ at

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