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How to Recycle the Remaining Granite Waste

2017/12/17 17:49:28

Granite as a magmatic rock in igneous rock is one of the most widely distributed and most abundant rock resources. During the mining and cutting process, a large amount of granite debris and cutting powder will be produced, which can be fully utilized actually.

granite waste

For example, they can be used as the stone decoration in garden and courtyard, the raw material of artificial marble or artificial granite, the gravel and sand aggregate in concrete, and the raw material of cement production. Specifically, there are several applications of remaining granite waste in the following aspects:

1. Building brick

Currently, there are the successful studies and applications about using the granite mud or granite powder to make the wall brick. We can add proper aggregates and cementing materials into the granite powder waste. Then we can produce them into the building blocks by mechanical molding, steam pressing and curing processes.

2. Architectural coating

We can use the PE jaw crusher to crush the granitic waste into unified particles. And screening them and doing the anti-weathering treatment on their surface. Then we need to mix them with the weatherability resin and other additives. Next, we can paint the mixture on the building wall. Then the wall will have the visual effect of natural stone texture and can maintain the long-term decorative effect.

3. Glass

It is technically feasible to make the microcrystalline glass with waste granite. First, we can grind the waste granite into granite powder as the basic material by using a Raymond mill. Next, we need to adopt the molten heat treatment process to heat it as well as the limestone, sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulfate, graphite and zinc oxide together in an electric furnace at 1450 ℃ until they are melted into the glass metal. After cooling, we can get the glass plate.

Then we need to put the glass plate into the electric furnace at 850 ℃ for 1 hour, and then secondary heat treatment for 2 hours at 1050 ℃. Finally, we can make out the black microcrystalline glass.

4. Cement

Waste granite pulp belongs to soft clay with low content of limestone. The filtered waste granite pulp can be naturally dried into powder. Then we can use a vibrating screen of 1mm to screen it. Next, we can put the above 23kg waste pulp powder, 425 silicate cement, sand, rheological agent as well as 600kg water into a vibrating mixer. The cement product produced by the above raw materials has standard mechanical strength, appearance and machinability. So the waste granite pulp can sell well in this field.

5. Ceramic

The waste granite contains the chemical composition needed to produce traditional ceramics. So, we can choose 14 to 100 mesh granite waste and clay, and allocate them in proportion to the embryo. Next, we can directly fire them to the imitation granite ceramic products.

If you have granite waste to deal with, try to buy the stone crusher machinery, sand making machine, grinding equipment to break them into small granular materials. By using the above methods, granite waste will play greater use value.