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How to Raise the Capacity of Jaw Crusher

2017/11/28 22:45:37

In the crushing industry, jaw crusher is accepted and loved by the majority of customers because of its multiple advantages. However, in the case where all conditions remain unchanged, how to increase the capacity of jaw crusher is a headache for customers. Today HXJQ expert briefly introduces the capacity improvement method of jaw crusher,hoping it can take the great help to the jaw crusher users.

pe jaw crusher

Strictly control the feeding size

It is wrong for most of the users to have all the dimensions of the material simultaneously in jaw crusher crushing chamber. The correct thing to do is classifying the material size in a basic division, these materials can be divided into three grades: big, medium and small, then when crushing the materials, the operator can feed them in proper order according to this classification. The purpose of graded crushing is to avoid that the excessive feed or uneven feed leads to the jam phenomenon, once the feeding inlet is blocked, will directly affect the production capacity of jaw crusher, and the recovery time of jaw crusher normal production is long, so as to waste lots of production time and affect the jaw crusher capacity. Therefore, during the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to strictly control the feeding size.

Grasp the feeding rhythm

Most feeding method of jaw crusher is to use the end of the chute to feed materials, however, there is a leak in this method, which can cause two-thirds of feeder exposed outside and deviating from the feeding inlet, this phenomenon will directly lead to the feeder becoming a vibration chute, not only influences the feeding speed, but also increase the wear strength of feeder. It is recommended that the users adjust the position of the feeder to the 2/3 range and ensure the steady of feeding rhythm.

Adjust the jaw crusher discharge outlet properly

On the premise that the feeding operation is well controlled, the users also should pay attention to the reasonable discharge outlet size and bite angle, the improper discharge outlet size is also an important reason influencing the jaw crusher capacity. In the process of crushing production, jaw crusher is usually used as the coarse crushing equipment, so the size of the jaw crusher discharge outlet should be controlled in the range of two stages, don't optionally enlarge or reduce the size of jaw crusher discharge port. As for the bite angle, in general, it can be set up within the scope of the 17-26 degrees, so that effectively improve the crushing capacity of jaw crusher.

These suggestions are not the absolute statement, and some figures need to be set up according to the specific situations, Hongxing Machinery just summarizes some problems and provides some solutions on the jaw crusher crushing production with years of manufacture and sales experience, if you have other questions about jaw crusher, please click CONTACT US, HXJQ customer service personnel will offer you the most proper solution for you.