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How to Protect Stone Crusher Machinery Against the Cold

2017/12/19 2:19:14

In recent years, mining machinery industry has been developing and strengthening constantly. Stone crusher machinery plays an important role in mining activity, quarry opening, building and road construction. The winter of 2017 has arrived and the weather becomes cold and cold. Too-high or too-low temperature often has an adverse effect on the performance of stone crusher machinery. Therefore, we need to take some measures against the severe cold for our stone crusher machines.

stone crusher machinery

Harms on the stone crusher machinery without protection measures

If the stone crusher machines such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, and impact crusher have worked in severe cold condition for a long time without any preventive measures, their service life will decrease. At the same time, the water or oil within the stone crusher machinery will be frozen. Therefore, doing a thorough inspection and maintenance for the stone crusher machines in the winter is very necessary.

The maintenance of stone crusher machinery in winter should be done in the following aspects:

1. Cleaning the stone crusher machinery

Regular cleaning the crusher parts such as the chassis and working device can effectively remove the dirt on the stone crusher surface. At the same time, it can help us to find whether the spare parts are worn, so that laying the foundation for the further maintenance of stone crusher machinery.

2. Oil selection and replacement of stone crusher machinery

a. Clean the fuel system

If the stone crusher is driven directly by a diesel engine, we need to clean the fuel oil system, clean the strainer thoroughly, and check the oil pump situation so as to eliminate the hidden trouble.

b. The choice of fuel oil

In the low-temperature environment, diesel oil is easy to wax, then its viscosity increases and flowability becomes worse. The combustion of diesel oil is incomplete, so the reduce the diesel engine power. In order to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel, it is necessary to use the diesel oil with low pour point. High-performance oil can not only make the oil not oxidize easily at high temperature, but also avoid leaving sediment on the parts of diesel engine and extend the life of diesel engine

c. Replace the gear oil

It is better to change the gear oil in the transmission and differential mechanism into another gear oil can be used in winter.

3. The maintenance of stone crusher machinery parts

a. Maintenance of diesel engine cooling system

During the maintenance of the diesel engine cooling system, we should check the working state of the thermostat. Once there is the silt accumulation in the water tank, we must clear them away immediately.

b. Maintenance of the preheating device

Check whether the wiring of the motor with battery is normal. It is necessary to charge the motor battery in winter and maintain the preheating device well.

c. Maintenance of braking system

Check whether the brake fluid of stone crusher machine is sufficient, and whether the oil and water separator and anti-fouling switch are normal. It is necessary to make an adjustment in time for abnormal braking and deviation.

These are some winter maintenance tips about stone crusher machinery. We hope your stone crusher machines will also outstanding finish the crushing task even in winter.

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