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How to Prolong the Working Life of Jaw Crusher Liner

2017/11/28 22:30:43

Jaw crusher liner not only can protect the jaw crusher machine body and extend jaw crusher service life, more importantly, because the shape of jaw crusher liner working surface is different, it directly affects the crushing efficiency and the crushing energy consumption of jaw crushers. Due to the direct contact with the material in the jaw crusher production, the jaw liner wear is more serious than other equipment parts and needs the more frequent replacement. Therefore, in this paper, Hongxing Machinery as one professional jaw crusher manufacturer will introduce you some suggestions of contributing to prolonging the life of the jaw crusher liner.

jaw crusher liner

1.The precautions in the feeding process

In the material feeding work of jaw crusher, the users should properly control the feeding speed to guarantee the sufficiently mixed materials are evenly distributed along the jaw crusher's whole crushing chamber. It is best to carry on the preliminary screening process to the material before feeding them into jaw crusher equipment, to screen out the fine and viscous material, which can improve the work efficiency of jaw crusher and minimize the jaw crusher liner wear.

2.Improve the stress state of jaw crusher liner

Through the kinematics analysis on the crushing lining plate of jaw crusher movable jaw, to record the data about the displacement, velocity, acceleration and trajectory curve of the point to be tested in the horizontal and vertical direction, sum up the motion law of the complex motion characteristics in the crushing lining plate, then theoretically calculate out the stress state of the jaw crusher liner and ameliorate the surface structure of the jaw liner, so as to improve the stress condition of jaw crusher liner.

3.Prevent the loose of jaw crusher liner

Because the lining board of jaw crusher has the direct contact with material, especially when crushing very hard material, the crushing force causes the nut on jaw crusher liner to vibrate and then to loosen, then makes the lining board fall off or be broken off directly. Therefore, the spring anti-loose vibration damper should be used to make the bolt more stable and reduce the loose of jaw crusher liner in jaw crusher production process.

4.Reduce the consumption of jaw crusher liner

Combined with the single particle material's flow crushing condition in the jaw crusher crushing chamber and the properties of the material itself, Hongxing Machinery design a new-type toothed crushing lining board with the trapezoidal curve radian to improve the crushing effect of jaw crusher machine and reduce the consumption of jaw crusher liner.

5.Reasonably select the jaw crusher liner material

On the one hand, according to the damaged mechanism and stress analysis of jaw crusher liner, when choosing the jaw crusher liner material, we should select the material with the durable shock resistance and that can resist the high-strength impact, such as ZGMn18Cr2. On the other hand, we can improve the anti-shock and anti-wear properties of jaw crusher liner by doing the certain handling for the material, so as to prolong its service life.