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How to Prolong the Service Life of Tertiary Crusher?

2017/11/28 22:57:05
The tertiary crusher breaks through the much crushing and little grinding fine crushing difficulty, and it occupies an important position in the crushing industry. And how to prolong the life of tertiary crusher becomes the most concerning matter for customers, in order to help customers better use of tertiary crusher, Hongxing Machinery will offer you some relevant measures about the problem of tertiary crusher from the angle of the grease lubrication.

tertiary crusher 1

1.The anti-rust performance of tertiary crusher

The grease used in the bearing must have the anti-rust effect. It is better to be insoluble in water. The grease should have good adhesion and can form an oil film on the steel surface.

2.The mechanical stability of tertiary crusher

The grease becomes soft during machining and causes the grease leakage. In normal operation, the grease will be swung from the bearing seat to the inner bearing. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the original structure of grease will have mechanical disintegration during the operation of the tertiary crusher, causing the grease to be destroyed and losing the lubrication function.

tertiary crusher 2

3.The grease seal of tertiary crusher

Grease seals are necessary to protect the bearings and lubricants from the external pollution, no matter the sundries or moisture cannot infiltrate the bearing in case of causing the damage to bearing during the operation of the bearing. The correct installation and maintenance is an important factor for the maximum service life of the bearing. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the bearing, the correctness of the bearing selection and the appropriate installation and maintenance tools. In addition, bearings must be protected from contaminants and moisture and ensure proper installation and lubrication.

4.Mixed grease

Never mix the incompatible grease into together, if two types of incompatible grease are mixed, usually the grease consistency will be small, finally the damage to the bearing might be caused by the loss of grease. If you do not know which grease to use in the bearing, you must first thoroughly remove the old grease inside and outside of the bearing before adding new grease.

tertiary crusher 3

5.Classification of tertiary crusher grease

The tertiary crusher grease can be classified according to their allowable working temperature, the lubricating capacity and the consistency of grease are affected by the working temperature, the bearings operated at a certain temperature must use the grease with the correct consistency and good lubrication at the same temperature. Grease is made from different working temperature range and can be broadly divided into low temperature grease, medium temperature grease and high temperature grease.

6.The important factors of selecting tertiary crusher grease

If you choose the wrong grease, then all measures to prevent bearing damage is useless. Choosing a kind of grease, its oil viscosity is an important factor that can provide sufficient lubrication effect at working temperature. The viscosity of grease is mainly affected by temperature, it goes down as the temperature goes up and conversely when the temperature goes down it goes up. So you have to always know the oil viscosity at work temperature.

These are some effective measures we can give you from the point of grease using of tertiary crusher, of course, this is only one aspect, if you have more good suggestions and ideas, welcome to discuss with us, have a happy day!