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How to Inspect the Basic Quality of Ball Mill

2017/11/28 22:55:13

Ball mill as a kind of large-scale equipment, the first thing after buying the ball mill is to do the concrete foundation construction, which must be built solid and reliable, and its compressive strength must be more than 80%, then the users can install the ball mill on this base, finally is to do the detection of the ball mill basic quality. And some customers don't know how to detect this, so today Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co, Ltd. will teach you how to test the base quality of ball mill, let's learn together.

ball mill

1.The axis of the ball mill host should be kept at the horizontal position, and we should measure the installing height from the top of the hollow shaft large flange on both ends, the height shall be the same, but when there is an error, it is allowed that the feed end is 1mm higher than the discharge end.

2.Using the large hoisting equipment to hoist the cylinder of the ball mill to the installation position, after the ball mill cylinder is in place, using the frame-type air level to check whether the axle journal is flat, the measured surface is the axle journal surface, and the allowable deviation of axial horizontal level is 0.1mm.

3.The sealing felt shall be installed on the shaft prior to installing the ball mill bearing cap. The felt should be cut straightly, it shall be in uniform contact with the shaft and the joint should be ladder-type, at the same time, the compactness should be appropriate. Then tightening the flange bolts and felt compression ring bolts, and the radial spacing between the compression ring and the shaft should be uniform.

4.After the host of the ball mill is adjusted well, the transmission system can be installed. However, before installation, check the assembly quality of the ball mill's transmission parts to ensure the quality is qualified and then complete the installation of transmission system.

5.The transmission system installation shall be based on the big gear wheel of ball mill host, and then adjust it. The pinion width and the both sides width of the big gear wheel must be uniform. The height of pinion surface and the big gear wheel surface should be equal. When these are done, we should adjust the gaps between the gears.

6.After the ball mill has been installed, the equipment should be inspected in all aspects, and the ball mill test run can be carried out after all is well.

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