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How to Enhance the Hammer Crusher Productivity?

2017/11/28 22:47:10

Hammer crusher is mainly composed of hammerhead, rotor, impact plate and sieve plate, it is one of the most popular crushing equipment used for the medium and fine crushing on materials, and the finished materials from it have good grain shape and are extensively applied in the mining, construction, metallurgy and other industries. Hammer crusher productivity is the point that customers are more concerned about, there are many reasons affecting the productivity of equipment in the production process, and how to increase the hammer crusher productivity, Hongxing Machinery will tell you the answer, below is the specific explanation.

hammer crusher

To improve hammer crusher productivity, pay attention to the following points

1.The equipment itself

The equipment itself quality is a really important factor of affecting the hammer crusher productivity, so when customers are in the process of choosing and buying the hammer crusher, they should shop around to choose the hammer crusher manufacturer with high customers comprehensive evaluation, so that it can effectively help customers improve equipment productivity.

2.Materials' Properties

(1)Choose the material with moderate hardness

Hammer crusher is used for crushing the materials with compressive strength less than 200Mpa, the material hardness shall not exceed the limit of the hammer crusher crushing capacity in the crushing production, which can decrease the abrasion of equipment and increase the hammer crusher productivity.

(2)Choose the materials without too much stickiness

The viscosity of materials should not be excessive, and the materials should be the brittle stones with calcium content higher than 40%. Because the material with excessive viscosity will stick on the inner wall of hammer crusher's crushing chamber, if no timely cleaning, they will badly affect the crushing efficiency of hammer crusher, and even cause the equipment not to work properly.

(3)Choose the materials with moderate humidity

The humidity of materials is also an important factor affecting the equipment productivity, and the water content of the crushed material should be moderate and controlled less than 15%, which not only can reduce the dust produced in the crushing process, also can improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment in the operation, and increase the hammer crusher yield. However, if the humidity of materials is too high, the materials will not only adhere to the inner wall of hammer crusher but block the delivery operation, which will reduce the operational ability of the system and cause the loss of hammer crusher production.

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