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How to Do The Maintenance of Raymond Mill Vulnerable Parts

2017/11/28 22:03:08

As the saying goes:Sharp tools make good work. If we want to make our grinding equipment play the biggest performance advantages, we shall check and maintain them regularly. Once the parts of Raymond mill are found to be worn or damaged, they should be replaced in time so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment. The scraper blade, grinding roller, grinding ring and bearing these parts are the vital parts of Raymond mill, how to reduce their abrasion and prolong their service life, which makes the decisive effect on the performance play of Raymond mill. Hongxing Machinery will offer you a few suggestions.

raymond mill grinding roller

Maintenance on the grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill

1.First of all, in the purchase of Raymond mill equipment, it is necessary to configure the grinding roller and grinding ring to grind the material, the size and application scope of different model grinding roller and grinding ring is different. Doing the right choice is conducive to the high-efficiency work of equipment and also can decrease the unnecessary wear to the grinding roller and grinding ring of Raymond mill.

2.Before grinding, crushing the larger particles of materials into small particles in advance, which is propitious to grind the stone materials into powder and effectively alleviates the abrasion of grinding roller and grinding ring from the large materials, so that the production efficiency of Raymond mill and product quality can be improved.

Maintenance of the Raymond mill blade

1.Due to the direct contact with the hard material, the scraper blade is affected by the friction and impact of material, so we need to clean it regularly after the grinding operation to prevent the remaining impurities from further wearing the blade.

2.Periodically remove the blade and polish it, so that the blade can be sharper and used longer.

Maintenance of the Raymond mill bearing

1.The Raymond mill bearing is responsible to drive the rotation of all parts in the grinding chamber. In order to guarantee its normal operation, we should clean up the dust particles around the bearing and keep the smoothness of bearing surface to reduce the rotational resistance of Raymond mill.

2.Keep the good lubrication protection of Raymond mill bearing. Change the lubricating oil once a week after the equipment startup, and then change it in accordance with the lubrication chart. When changing the old oil each time, using kerosene or diesel oil to clean the bearing internal, after the bearing internal is dry, inject the new lubricating oil into the bearing.

3.Look out the change in the bearing temperature while the Raymond mill is running, replenish the lubricating oil in time to make Raymond mill bearing keep the normal rotation state.

As for the rubber sleeve, lining board and air duct guard board of Raymond grinding mill, they also need the regular maintenance. Remove the dust or powder particles from the equipment timely, regularly check the working state of each vulnerable part, and replace the badly damaged parts to facilitate the Raymond mill production.