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How to Deal With the Overheating of Cement Ball Mill?

2017/11/28 23:14:05

Ball mill is used high frequency in the cement plant and it is a very important equipment in the cement production. In the process of operation, the operator will inevitably encounter the problem that ball mill's temperature is too high. If the ball mill's cylinder with excessive temperature will seriously affect the production efficiency of cement ball mill. Some operators may know the shortcomings, but they are at a loss and don't know how to deal with it, so for this problem, Hongxing's technicians summarize the reasonable treatment measures to help users solve the present situation of excessive temperature.

HXJQ ball mill

Use the water cooling method on mill's cylinder

It is suitable to the small cement ball mill, according to the ball mill heat balance calculation, the heat emitted by the surface accounts for about 6% of cement ball mill cylinder's, by water spraying can make the heat dissipation area percentage of ball mill surface become smaller, but this method is easy to waste water, so it is not suitable to large ball mill.

Strengthen the heat dissipation of grinding system

Operators can reduce the ball mill's temperature by strengthening the heat dissipation of grinding system, the outside of the powder concentrator extrude atomized water, and make a sink along the outer edge of the conveyor, through the actual operation, it is proved that can reduce the cement ball mill's temperature. It is important to note that using this method is easy to let the water into the device, so the operator should use cautiously.

Strengthen the ventilation of the cement ball mill

Users can strengthen the ball mill ventilation to decrease the material temperature, and the ball mill's ventilation can take away 20% of the mill's total heat. As the ventilation in the ball mill is subject to the fineness of the product, as well as the restriction of the lock air and the air leakage, the cooling effect can not be fully achieved.

Add the grinding aids in the cement ball mill

The grinding aids can reduce the degree of material adhesion in the ball mill, and can reduce the temperature of cement after grinding by improving the efficiency of the powder concentrator. It has obvious effect after the actual operation.

After implementing these measures, the situation of high temperature in cement ball mill is effectively reduced, and the user needs to take the right measures to improve the production efficiency. Our company has a variety of series ball mills for sale, such as ceramic ball mill, beneficiation ball mill, cement ball mill, dry-type ball mill and wet-type ball mill, cone ball mill, etc. These ball mills are manufactured with high quality, advanced technology and favorable price. Welcome your inquiry.