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How to Deal with the Dust Produced in Stone Crushing Process?

2017/11/25 0:07:18

Crushing is one of the most widely used technological processes in various industries,generally, this process aims at the large-size materials and is used to change the size of the material itself, especially for the crushing of the ore, the building stone, the metallurgical materials, etc. It is ineluctable to produce multifarious problems in the crushing process, for example, due to the moisture content of material itself is too low, can produce some dust, dust as one of the pollutants that are forbidden to discharge, can produce the pollution to atmosphere and make the atmosphere become turbid, if being inhaled the human body, will obstruct the respiratory tract of human beings human and cause the respiratory disease. Once the dust emission exceeds the normal standard, the air quality will plummet. Therefore, in the process of stone processing, it is necessary to understand the reason of dust caused by the crushing equipment and then take reasonable measures to deal with it.

stone crushing process

The Dust Source in the Stone Crushing Process

1.The stone crusher will produce some dust when the material crushed with low water content, which belongs to the normal phenomenon.

2.After the material is broken, it will be screened and transported, during this time, a large amount of dust will be separated from the finished materials.

3.After crushing process, if the material needs some processes to integrate its surface such as polishing or grinding, after the grinding process, the most of waste is dust, the dust output rate in grinding and polishing process will reach the ultimate value.

4.When the finished product material is at the time of transportation, loading and unloading, there may be some collision and friction, which will produce a certain amount of dust, but the quantity of dust is small. Generally speaking, if you take a reasonable handling method of transportation, loading and unloading, will reduce these small amounts of dust pollution.

How to Deal With the Dust Produced in Stone Crushing Process?

1.Install dust removal device. It is the most effective method currently, this method makes use of dust own centrifugal force, the dust itself can enter into the catcher automatically, and then into the suction box of dust remover, finally the dust is discharged from the filter bag.

2.Maintain certain humidity.This method can greatly reduce the incidence of dust, it is suitable for the materials that won't have any chemical or physical reactions under the normal processing.

3.Timely handling the dust already produced.The dust already produced in the process of the crushing process should be handled in a timely manner so as to avoid the secondary pollution in the subsequent production.

4.Use a dust settling pocket. Dust settling pocket and dust removal device are in the same working principle, but dust settling pocket is cheaper and more flexible than dust removal device, it can be applied to many parts with larger emissions, greatly reduce the dust emissions from the source site.

Of course, the dust treatment methods in the crushing process are not only these, you can flexibly use all the useful methods around you to reduce the emission of dust. It is commented that the operator should prepare the protective measures well in the workplace and do the good guarantees every moment for the life security. If you need full details of HXJQ stone crushing plant,pls leave a message to us or you can also chat with our online service.