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How Strong Is the Productivity of Portable Stone Crusher

2017/11/28 22:02:14

Portable stone crusher can be usually divided into two series: crawler portable stone crusher and wheel-type portable stone crusher. Portable stone crusher is mainly composed of the integrated crushing equipment. The outstanding advantage of portable stone crusher is its mobility, it can move with the propulsion of raw material mining site. Through the efficient cooperation of various equipment, portable stone crusher could performance a strong production capacity. So how strong is the productivity of portable stone crusher actually? I will use HXJQ portable stone crusher as an example to make the concrete analysis.

Portable Stone Crusher

HXJQ portable stone crushers have many kinds of configuration, they can work separately and also cooperate with other equipment in multi-unit operation. Portable stone crusher can carry on the multi-section crushing and screening processes and makes a full range of coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing to materials. As for how many tons of material the portable stone crusher can process per hour, it depends on the configuration of portable stone crushers.

Portable stone crusher with different equipment configurations has different productivity.

HXJQ portable stone crusher is equipped with stone crusher, screening machine, feeder, conveyor, etc. The crushing equipment of HXJQ portable stone crusher is often the jaw crusher, cone crusher or impact crusher. The productivity of portable stone crusher varies with the configuration of its core crushing equipment.

The models of configured devices are different, so the portable stone crusher capacity is different.

At present, HXJQ portable stone crusher can be divided into large-sized portable stone crusher, medium-sized portable stone crusher and small-size portable stone crusher according to the size of model. Each type of portable stone crusher is classified into multiple models. Taking the example of the crawler portable jaw crusher, it has four models: HX938HD80, HX1149HD98, HX1349HD110, HX1349HD125. Their production capacities are as follows: 85-275 t/h, 110-350 t/h, 215-510 t/h, 280-650 t/h.

Hongxing Machinery as an experienced portable stone crusher manufacturer, it can configure the portable stone crusher with low consumption and high output for clients combining their production site conditions and their requirements on output, material feeding and discharging size. Moreover, the production effectiveness of HXJQ portable stone crusher is unquestionable. If you want to know more about HXJQ portable stone crusher capacity, please refer to HXJQ portable stone crusher parameters or contact HXJQ experts online for free.