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How Much is a Environmental Lime Rotary Kiln?

2017/11/28 23:14:23

Description of lime rotary kiln

The lime rotary kiln is a kind of equipment mainly used for roasting lime and calcining dolomite in steel works and ferroalloy works. Mentioning the lime kiln, whether you can think of a realistic painting of Theodore Gericault ---"The Plaster Kiln", the biggest impact this painting taking to us is the thought-provoking long black smoke outside the lime kiln except the author's painting technique, and whether the lime kiln pollution is from the beginning. Nowadays, the environmental requirements of enterprises are high, and the lime kiln production needs to meet the modern production requirements, aiming at the current trend, Hongxing machinery manufactures the new type lime kiln with energy conservation and environmental protection by improving techniques and the new type lime pit is loved by consumers very much. And how much is this environmental protection lime kiln, how is the manufacturer's profit, and what are the advantages of the environmental protection lime rotary kiln? Here is the detailed introduction:
lime rotary kiln price

1. The factors of influencing the price of Lime rotary kiln

All green lime kilns are affected by product models, quality of products, production costs, transportation costs, market demand, manufacturers' sales policies and so on.
a. Product model
Different products with different price, because different types of products have different yields, manufacturing techniques and suitable materials, they will affect the price of the product. This is a direct proportional relationship.
b.Transportation costs
The cost of product transportation affects the price of products, low transportation cost needs low price and high transportation cost needs high price.
c. Market demand
The current market demand and price of the product have close effect, if market demand is much, but the lime kiln manufacturers produce less products, so the market price of the environmental protection lime kiln will rise sharply. On contrary, if the demand on the market is little, but the manufacturers produce too many products, some manufacturers for recycling capital will reduce prices to increase product sales.

price of lime rotary kiln

2. Hongxing environmental lime rotary kiln price

Hongxing machinery with high price ratio, because it takes the direct selling model to decrease the price differences, and the transportation is convenient so that transport costs is less. With more than 30 years experience in response to market demand changes, we can ensure the stable supply and demand of products, make the price of the product low and good product quality, and we are well received by the users.
The advantages of our environmental lime kiln
1.Adopting the energy-saving environmental protection calcination way and sealing device in our lime kiln. It has reasonable structure design and can effectively use the heat energy to make the utilization rate of thermal value up to 80 %.
2.It has dust removal system to realize flue gas and dust collocation deftly and the flue gas can accord with the discharge standard of national environmental protection requirement.
3.The process layout is reasonable, the floor area is reduced and the structure is reasonable.
4.The more advanced reference standards are designed to maximize the use of machine.
5.Lime kiln's automatic production level is high, one person can operate the whole machine and save labor cost.

All countries in response to environmental pollution situation, vigorously advocate environmental protection production, enhance the support to the environmental protection enterprise. Hongxing new environmental lime kilns are conformed to the requirements of the national production of environmental protection, at the same time we provides many new environmental equipment for your choice.