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How Can We Efficiently Use the Wealth of Nature-Marble

2017/12/20 2:03:48

Marble can be seen everywhere in our life. Mineral resources in nature have also been more developed and utilized with the continuous development of mining industry. Especially the large-scale marble mining, industrial processing and international trade make marble plates enter into construction decoration industry in large quantities, which is not only for luxurious public buildings but also for family decoration. We have to learn more about it if we want to make better use of marble.


Calcium carbonate is the consolidation ingredient of natural marble. Some viscous minerals doping into calcium in marble formation process and forming its brilliant color and beautiful pattern. Marble resources have a wide distribution and a complicated formation process. It is precisely because the long-term natural formation that created its high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties. Marble structure is even and uneasily deformed, so its service life is relatively long.

With the continuous expansion of marble application and amount, as well as its important role in our life, people's demand for it is also growing. What are the specific uses of marble and how can we process it effectively? Let us have a look.

1.Decorative materials

Marble is the ideal material to decorate luxurious buildings for its soft texture, solemn appearance, elegant style and various colors. It can be processed into many kinds of plates and used as building walls, floors, tables and pillars. It is also the precious materials for furniture mosaic.

2.Art materials

Marble is a traditional art carving materials and is commonly used as monumental building materials such as monuments, towers, status, etc. It can also be carved into crafts, stationery, lamps, utensils and other practical works.

3.Other uses

Some marble (including limestone, dolomite, etc.) can be used as alkali-resistant materials. The gravel and leftover materials produced in marble mining and processing are commonly used in artificial stone, terrazzo, stone powder production, as well as the filler for paints, plastics, rubber and other industries.

4.Marble processing

In many cases, marble can be further used after crushing. Due to high hardness of marble, it is necessary to choose a crusher whose crushing strength is consistent with marble hardness. Such as impact crusher, which compression strength can reach 350Mpa and especially suitable for crushing medium hardness materials. What's more, impact crusher has relatively high overall efficiency for its efficient feature and energy-saving.

It is particularly important to choose a suitable crusher. Only matched with materials and appropriate model, coupled with reasonable operating parameters can we get multiplier effect in crushing process. Please do not hesitate to consult with Hongxing machinery for more impact crusher detailed information.