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Don't Worry About the Crack of Jaw Crusher's Flywheel. Just Follow Me!

2017/11/28 23:10:52

Many users always complain that the flywheel of jaw crusher will be prone to have crack problems after a long work, it not only shortens the service life of the jaw crusher but also affects normal production and processing. In response to this problem, the reason and solution of the crack in the jaw crusher's flywheel are analyzed by Hongxing machine.

pe jaw crusher

The reason of the crack in the flywheel of the jaw crusher

1.Material's quality

The flywheel material selection plays an important role in reducing wear and tear, if the maker has an improper selection, in the long running process, it would be easy to appear various problems, such as corrosion and abrasion, and it is more prone to crack by the effect of external force.

2.Materials' size and working conditions

Because there are larger differences in the nature of the ore and processing environment, if the bigger volume stones into the jaw crusher, it is easy to have blocking phenomenon then affect the quality of the flywheel. In addition, if the production environment is too terrible and the weather is bad, the jaw breaker has worked for a long time in the harsh environment, and the flywheel is also prone to crack.

3.Design and manufacturing process

If the design of flywheel is unreasonable, there is a certain gap in the thickness of the wall, the transition angle is smaller, then the stress concentration is easy to be found after pouring and with the large load, so that there will be cracks in the middle of the transition.

Jaw crusher in factory

The solutions about flywheel's crack

Normally, the jaw crusher's flywheel consists of two types, one is the spoke-type flywheel and the other is the plate-type flywheel, which requires different treatment measures for different types. For spoke-type flywheel, we need to adopt the repair welding method to solve, this approach has the advantage that can temporarily maintain production, the disadvantage is that the welding performance is poorer, affected by the welding level, the flywheel is easy to crack and its continued life is short, there will be crack again after three to six months. For the plate-type flywheel, the welding repair scheme is adopted in the initial stage. If the crack is longer and more serious, it is necessary to hit the groove before welding and repair. However, after welding, the flywheel is prone to stress deformation, which affects the normal operation of the jaw crusher. So what should we do? Don't worry, Hongxing machine will teach you how to handle it.

jaw crushers

1. In the design of the flywheel, some chamfer should be retained and the processing size must be accurate.

2. In order to ensure sufficient contact area between the clamping plate and the spoke plate, the chamfering needs to make a transition between the unprocessed surface and the processed surface.

3. To process a pair of flanges with the convex platform, we must choose the material with good toughness, and the flange sleeve after processing should be installed on both sides of the flywheel.

4. The flange and flywheel are strictly fixed with high strength bolts to ensure clamping strength.

5. Check the flywheel regularly, find the problem and deal with it in time to prevent the crack from expanding or deforming.

The process model is summarized by Hongxing machine company according to the actual situation of the crack in the jaw crusher's flywheel, which can effectively reduce the probability of the crack in the flywheel and ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher. Hongxing company is specialized in the development of all kinds of crusher equipment, the model is complete, the quality is reliable and trustworthy.