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Crushing Is the First Important Step in Refining Gold

2017/12/17 17:50:17

Gold ore is the world's most important precious metal ore, its distribution is also widely diversified in the world. Gold is not only an ornament, gold reserves are the important foundation for maintaining financial stability, it is also an advanced material in industry. Therefore, the exploitation and utilization of gold ores are of great significance.

gold ore

The mining and crushing process of gold ores are complicated. Traditional gold mining and refining are generally divided into three procedures, they are crushing, grinding and beneficiation. For most gold ores, gold ore crushing is the first step to refine gold, which will directly affect grinding and beneficiation.

Gold crusher is main equipment for crushing gold ores, and jaw crusher is the most common crushing equipment in gold mining. Due to the hardness of gold ore is relatively high, users can choose PE jaw crusher with strong wear-resistance to do gold ores first coarse crushing.

High-efficiency PE jaw crusher is a specially developed crushing equipment by Hongxing machinery for high wear-resistance ore materials, which can crush a variety of non-flammable and non-explosive materials whose compression strength is less than 320Mpa. PE jaw crusher can be effectively prolonged the service life and reduce the gold ores mining cost under the situation of ensuring crushing efficiency. In addition, PE jaw crusher also has the following several unique advantages:

pe jaw crusher

1\Stable structure and reliable performance

The frame adopts whole cast steel structure, avoids the casting defects and also improves the stability of whole structure. Besides, heavy eccentric shaft is processed with forging billet, which makes PE jaw crusher have an extraordinary reliability.

2\Unique flywheel and smooth running

The jaw crusher designed and manufactured by Fote machinery for crushing gold ores is equipped with unique flywheel, which can effectively reduce vibration, make the running process more stable and ensure operators work more safely.

3\Deep-chamber crushing, high efficiency and energy-saving

Crushing chamber is deep and no dead zone, feed and output capacity is also greatly improved under the uniform feeding by vibrating feeder. Reasonable parameters make the machine has large crushing rate, it also guarantees the uniform product granularity while saving power consumption.

4\Wedge device and easily adjust

With a wedge discharge opening adjustment system, users can adjust the discharge opening to predetermined value within a few minutes in machine idling situation. Comparing with old gasket-type adjustment system, the wedge adjustment system is more simple and convenient, which also significantly reduce the downtime.

In order to ensure that PE jaw crusher is in good technical condition and can be put into operation at any time, users should strengthen the daily maintenance work. Only in this way can eliminate the safety hazard in time, ensure safe production and prolong crusher service life. In addition, PE jaw crusher can be used with mobile crushing station, which can directly work in gold ores quarry and reduce the transportation cost. Please contact us at any time, Hongxing machinery will serve you wholeheartedly.