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Configuration and Process Flow of Limestone Milling Plant

2017/11/28 22:05:28
As is known to all, limestone powder can be widely used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, papermaking and other fields, has great economic value. So in recent years, more and more users are in the favor of the investment in the limestone milling plant. However, there are many unfamiliar things about the lime production process for some new investors. Today, Hongxing Machinery will give a simple introduction for you in view of the configuration scheme and process flow of limestone processing plant.
limestone mill
Limestone Milling Plant

The configuration scheme of limestone milling plant

The limestone composition is not very complicated. Generally, if we want to process limestone into lime powder, we only need do the simple washing processing, then a series of crushing, screening and grinding processing on it. The following equipment that we can use in the lime production process consists of jaw crusher, limestone grinding mill, bucket elevator, electric-magnetic vibration feeder, dust collector, powder concentrator, pipeline installation, etc. The followings are the introductions of the main crushing and grinding equipment among them.
1. Equipment used for crushing limestone ---Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher is responsible for the simple preliminary crushing of limestone. It is a reasonable choice to choose the jaw crusher as the limestone crushing equipment because of its simple structure, small footprint, high production capacity and reliable operating performance.
2. Equipment used for grinding limestone---Limestone Grinding Mill
Limestone grinding mill is another key equipment for further processing the limestone. The limestone grinding mill belongs to the vertical grinding mill with small footprint. Limestone mill can form the independent grinding production system, thus it can efficiently and safely do the lime production process for a long time. In addition, if the customers have the higher fineness requirement on the limestone powder, they can choose the superfine mill instead of the ordinary grinding mill so as to get the limestone powder fineness from 1400 mesh to 3000 mesh.

The process flow of limestone milling plant

1. Crushing: Large pieces of limestone are sent into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing by the vibrating feeder, then bottom-up transported into the stock bin by the bucket elevator.
2. Grinding: The crushed limestone in the stock bin is evenly sent into the limestone grinding mill for the grinding operation. The users can adjust the discharging granularity of the lime powder according to their demands during the production of a limestone grinding mill.
3. Lime powder selecting: The fine material after grinding is sent into the powder concentrator for classification and screening, the unqualified will return to the limestone grinding mill for another grinding.
4. Packaging: Finally, the qualified limestone powder is sent into another stock bin through the pipeline and has the unified packaging.
Although the configuration scheme and process flow of limestone processing plant are not complicated, only the reasonable equipment configuration and scientific limestone plant design can improve the economic benefits of the enterprises. So if you have any questions about the investment of limestone processing plant, please feel free to consult HXJQ engineers online, they will give the most improper solutions for you.