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Causes and Solutions for the Plate Hammer Wear of Sand Maker

2017/11/28 22:43:56

Sand maker as one of the most important equipment in sand production line, at the same time, it is the equipment which may have the serious parts loss after the long-term production. The vulnerable parts of sand maker usually refer to the plate hammer, impact plate, bearing, casing plate and rotor guard plate, and the most common vulnerable part of sand making machine is the plate hammer, which is most easy to wear and has quite a high repair cost. Therefore, to effectively solve the wear of sand maker, the first is to lower the wastage s of plate hammer.So, what caused the sand maker plate hammer to wear easily? Let's learn together firstly.

sand maker

1.Processing capacity

The processing capacity of sand making machine has a certain influence on the wastage of plate hammer. When its processing capacity is increased, the material particle will become coarse, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the unit loss rate of the plate hammer will also increase.

2.The gap of discharge opening

The clearance size of the discharge opening can also affect the granularity s of the finished product to some extent, so it has a certain effect on the plate hammer wear.

3.Material's property

Material properties also have multiple effects on plate hammer wear of sand maker, including the material hardness, the feed particle size, the moisture content and other factors, they all have the influence on plate hammer wear at different degrees. There into, the hardness of material has the largest influence on the plate hammer wear.

4.Operating speed

The operating speed of sand maker in the production process also can have a certain effect on the plate hammer wear, generally, the plate hammer wear degree is proportional to the operating speed of sand making machine. Operating speed directly affects the magnitude of impact on material exerted by plate hammer and the crushing ratio of plate hammer, and it also plays a decisive role in the granularity of finished product.

After learning the causes of plate hammer loss of the sand making machine, then we have to do is suit the remedy to the case. In view of the specific problems of sand maker use offered from our users, we often communicate with them, in order to help them to solve the problem of plate hammer wear, Hongxing Machinery provides the following countermeasures:

1.Adjust the gap size of the sand making machine reasonably to control the particle size of the material, so as to reduce the loss of the plate hammer.

2.According to the properties of different materials, correctly select the working parameters and equipment structure of sand making machine.

3.Controlling the operating speed of sand maker well can reduce the wear of the plate hammer to a certain extent.

4.Purchase the high-quality plate hammer material, to make it not only durable but also have high corrosion resistance.

The material quality and service life of the sand maker components directly affect the production efficiency of sand making machine. HXJQ sand maker plate hammer is made of the best high chromium cast iron with good wear-resistant manufactured with the modern new compound casting technology, its hammer handle is made of the strongest toughness alloy steel, achieving the perfect combination of steel and iron, which makes HXJQ sand maker plate hammer have good comprehensive properties such as strong wear and impact resistance, long service life, safe and reliable. Therefore, HXJQ sand maker can save more maintenance cost and gain more productive profits for users under the same production conditions and requirements compared with other sand maker manufacturers. More questions on sand maker plate hammer, please consult us online directly, we are waiting to serve you!

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