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Jaw Crusher Manufacturers

2016/1/24 19:26:51

Jaw Crusher Advantages

Jaw crusher is a type of commonly used stone crushing equipment, which has been applied for long time. It plays a vital role in crushing industry relying on its simple and reliable structure, high crushing efficiency and long service life. Jaw crusher is the preferred choice in primary crushing process.



Jaw Crusher Manufacturer

Hongxing Machinery is specialized in manufacturing all kind of crushing equipment, which has rich experience and strong production capacity. The coarse, medium and fine jaw crushers of Hongxing Machinery can crush a variety of rocks into different sizes. And we also have jaw crushers with different specifications. For example, the very-large jaw crusher can reach 1.6m in height, which can process 100 tons stone per hour. And small jaw crusher has the height of 850mm, its feed opening is 150mm*250mm.

Market Prospect of Crushing Equipment

With the rising price of metal, sales market of mining crushing equipment has also showed a visible improvement. For example, the sales of Hongxing deep cavity jaw crusher and mini jaw crusher increase significantly, which show that market demand of crushing equipment has much more potential. At present, Hongxing Machinery has become first class jaw crusher manufacturer and supplier, which is in the leading place with regard to the sales and other comprehensive economic indicators in domestic industry. Hongxing mining machinery equipment has been exported to more than 30 countries.