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Calcining Kiln

2013/11/10 20:11:50

Overview of Kiln Dryer:

Kiln dryer is used for drying slag, clay, limestone. It is mainly used in cement, chemical, metallurgical, building materials industries. Its advantages are as follows: high dry capacity, smooth rotation, and low energy consumption, easy operation, high output and so on.

calcining kiln


Main Composition and Working Principle of Calcining Kin:

The calcining kiln mainly consists of rotary body, raw material feeding plate, driving and supporting device, etc.
The operation principle of calcining kiln: the raw material plate which is arranged reasonably with changeable angles in order, throws wet materials into the rotary cylinder. Then water will be separated from the materials by hot air-flow and changed into vapour to be discharged into the atmosphere. Then the materials would be dryed.

Largest Kingdom of Kiln Dryer- Hongxing Machinery:

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the largest and professional drying machinery manufacturer in China and our company is able to manufacture various kinds of kiln dryers, such as rotary calcinations kiln, rotary calciner kiln and rotary calcining kiln. These three kinds of kilns are able to rotate so that the drying efficiency can be improved and the energy consumption is reduced. In addition, rotating drying kiln and rotating kiln dryer are also popular products manufactured by our company and what is more, now the horizontal kiln is becoming best seller and greatly welcomed by the customers both at home and abroad.