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Rotating Kiln And Kiln Dryer

2013/11/10 20:12:49

What is rotating Kiln?

Rotating kiln is a rotary cylindrical device which is widely used in the industrial production. It can physically process or chemically handle the solid material. This type of equipment is collectively called rotary kiln.

kiln dryer

It initially originates from cement production lines to calcine the limestone, so it is also called rotary calcining kiln.

In cement production line, calcinating rotary kiln is mainly used for high-temperature firing the cement clinker. Therefore rotary kiln is the key equipment of cement production and known as the heart of the cement factory.

kiln dryer

The other application of Kiln dryer is used for drying the materials. For example, in the building industry, it is used for drying the clay, slag, and limestone. So this type of kiln dryer is also called kiln dryer, rotating drying kiln, or rotating kiln dryer.

lime kiln

Lime kiln is also called lime pit which is the main equipment to produce the lime. The commonly used machine is horizontal lime kiln, namely horizontal kiln. Lime kiln is used for calcinating the limestone. When the lime kiln is preheated to 850 degrees, the limestone and the fuel that in the lime kiln began to decompose. The calcine process will be finished when the temperature is 1200 degrees. When it cools down, the material will be discharged from the lime kiln and the production process is finished.

ceramsite kiln

Ceramsite kiln is the key equipment to produce the ceramsite sand, it is also called haydite kiln. It is composed of kiln body, supporting device, catch wheel, kiln front and the kiln end. When the ceramsite is working, the ceramsite will produce ceramsite sand through high wet sintering. Because of the high hardness and impermeable of the ceramsite, it can be used for lightweight mortar and refractories.

kiln burner

Kiln burner is the other application of the rotary kiln. Kiln burner is used for burning the hazardous waste, such as incineration of medical waste and garbage disposal. It can reduce the environmental pollution, save energy and protect the environment.