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Gravel Screen

2016/11/25 0:28:10

Rotary drum screen is used in many industries such as steel making, mining, quarrying, foundries, food processing and chemical industry for the separating of bulk materials like stone aggregates, different kinds of sands, active carbon and other materials.

gravel screen ~ rotary screen

Unlike other systems, the vibrating screen is simple to install and does not require skilled tuning on site. The gravel screen is mainly used for screening or classifying the gravels and it has wide application in the construction industry.

Working principle of scalping screen:

Rotary screen, which is also called rotary sieve in some places, consists of five parts, including hexagonal drum, rack, funnel, reducers and motor. After the broken stones go into the drum, it is screened with the rotating of the drum, and on the other hand, stones with large size move forward along the drums gradient, screened gradually through different screen. This rotary screener is of high working and screening efficiency, thus becoming a new favorite among the customers home and abroad.

Features of rotary drum screen:

1) Configured for classification, screening, washing
2) Large processing capacities
3) Smooth running, low noise
4) Longer screen life and less blocking

Application of drum screen:

1) Quarry: gravel, clay, mountain meal, sand, etc.
2) Coal Industry: lump coal, coal dust, coal washing, etc.
3) Cold Mine: gold screening and washing
4) Chemical Industry: sifting calcium oxide, compost
5) Metallurgy, construction, mineral-selecting, etc.