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2013/5/8 0:30:40

Cyclone Preheater Introduction:

Cyclone preheater is an important part of calcinations system in cement plant, and is the main device for increasing the quality of the cement products and reducing energy consumption.


Besides, this machine adopts Computer Numerical Simulation Technology (CNST) to simulate gas-solid flow field of pre-decomposing system, and we can design the best model of pre-decomposing system with low cost and short time, according to specific raw material, fuel, outside environment features and the demand of the capacity.

Working Principle of Cyclone Preheater:

When the raw materials are fed into the preheater, under the negative pressure condition, to prevent cold air into the preheater, the inlet of raw materials must take effective seal. This is to ensure the effective use of heat and material preheating effect.
The standard of preheating quality in the preheater is the feeding room’s temperature which is in the bottom of preheater. Kiln temperature is detected by thermocouple in the side wall of feeding room, including the flame radiation and air temperature. It reflects not only the firing temperature when fed into kiln but also the degree of feedback the final warm-up temperature of the material.
What truly reflects the effective temperature of the material is outlet temperature of the preheater top. Temperature control on this point is more important than that of the end of rotary kiln.
Within pre-heater, materials after preheating and pre-decomposition, will be pushed out from preheater to rotary kiln by hydraulic plunger device.

Advantages of Cyclone Preheater:

Cyclone preheater has advantages of high performance, strong adaptability, convenient operation, reliable running and low investment, etc.