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Construction Chute,Gravity Spiral Chute

2013/5/8 0:27:16

Construction Chute Overview

This construction chute contains a mix of advantages of a spiral concentrator, a spiral chute, a table concentrator, along with a centrifugal ore separator.

construction chute

It's an ideal tool for mining and mineral processing programs, especially on riversides, strands, beaches, and river ways. It is especially appropriate for fine materials of 0.3-0.02 mm granularities, for example iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyretic, zirconite, rutile, monazite, xenotime, tungsten ore, container ore, tantalum ore, colombite ore along with other nonferrous metal, platinum and nonmetal minerals of various proportions.
This product is made of the fiberglass lined with wear-resistant polyurethane and corundum cover. The advantages are light, moisture proof, anti-rust, wear proof, anti corrosion and no noise. It enjoys the domestic and overseas advanced level.

How Spiral Chute Works

In mining industry, spiral chute can effectively sort hematite, tantalum, niobium, tin and it has been proven by practice for the production. It is erected on a vertical alignment or wood with a metal frame fixed in place by the sand pump by adding additional water, adjusting the concentration of mineral paddle, paddle natural mineral swirl down from the high, the slope in the rotation velocity of the centrifugal force generated in a kind of inertia to the proportion of ore, particle size, shape differences, through the swirl of gravity and centrifugal force will separate the ore and sand, fine ore concentrate into a bucket with a pipe connection, end bucket of sand flowing into the tailings pond pipe received sand, then sand pump to drain away, completing the whole process of dressing.

The device has many advantages like that sorting process is stable, easy to control, to allow changes in the concentration range mining, enrichment ratio, high recovery rate, small footprint, less water consumption, simple structure, without power, large capacity, easy to install easy operation, low investment and so quick.

Spiral Chute Capacity

The spiral chute has a diameter of 900 mm, double-headed installation, horizontal angle of 9 degrees, pitch 540 mm, ore particle size of 0.3 to ~ 0.02 mm, to mine the concentration of 30% to 45%. The handling capacity of 0.6 to 1.5 t / h , the spiral chute sorting, grading 1.90% tin may be a yield of 11.62%, recovery was 32.5% of the crude concentrate, and then selected by the shaker, magnetic, floating sulfur, tin grade of 47.26% availability of tin concentrates. In addition to the spiral chute, Hongxing Machinery has researched and developed gravity spiral chute which processes the materials by way of the gravity, thus improving the production capacity and reducing the energy consumption.