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The Introduction To Cooling Machine

2013/11/10 20:32:26

The Introduction to Cooling Machine:

Cooling machine is one of the main machines in rotary kiln production system.
Its role is to cool the 1000~1300clinker from rotary kiln to 200 and below by heating exchange of moving materials and airflow inside the rotating barrel.

 cooling machine

The quality and grindability after cooling down is improved. The air from cooling clinker is injected into kiln, as secondary circulating air, raising the thermal efficiency of kiln.

The equipment is used for the cooling of clinker. It can improve grindability and reduce power consumption of grinding and it is a important equipment firing a complete set with rotary kiln system. The single cylinder cooler is characterized by simple and firm structure and because the hot-air can be returned to rotary kiln, the heating efficiency is very high and the power consumption is fairly less. It's a desirable machine for the cooling of clinker.

Structure feature of Cooling machine:

a. The main is stainless steel frame-board structure
b. The tunnel spraying cleaning is continuous transmission
c. Main drive is frequency conversion and infinite speed, convey by plastic chain net or stainless steel chain net
d. Heat by coiled pipe hot vapor
e. Temperature control adopts control film regulating valve