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Sand Making Machines

2016/11/25 0:53:05

Sand making machines Overview:

With the continuous and enhanced development of the economy and science, mining machinery industry has acquired a good development chance. Sand making machines  have made a great contribution to China's infrastructure.

sand making machines 

Sand making plants produced by Hongxing have the advantages of high efficiency and high production technology, and the innovative technology has reinvigorated the domestic sand making industry and promoted its rapid development.

Working Principle:

Materials fall from the upper part of the machine to impeller which rotates at a high speed. Under great centrifugal force, they hit materials scattered around the impeller. After hitting each other at a high speed, they form a vortex between impeller and shell. Materials hit and abrase with each other for several times, finally smaller pieces come out through downside outlet, then go to sand vibrating screen which controls the size of final products.

Sand Making Machines

Features of Hongxing Sand Making Machines

1. High productivity--50-500t/h. The output is 30% higher than the traditional sand making plants with the same power.
2. Low consumption of wearable parts-- best design of crushing chamber impact angle; little friction with the wearable parts; 30% lower running cost compared with traditional equipments, and they reduce the use cost directly.
3. Excellent shape of final products-- cubic products shape, good granule, reasonable grading, adjustable fineness modulus, and especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone reshaping. The practical has shown that the effect of this series sand making machinery can improve 30% output in the process of sand making and stone reshaping than the traditional machines.